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  1. It was the correct track listing I am the winner
  2. Yeah it's some disjointed shit. Judge us all you want we are the few peeps hearing this shit for the first time. We basically the top radiohead fans right now, be jelly. ANYWAY I JUST FINISHED IT. Not sure what I think at all chaps, think I like it. Hope it's a grower. I'd be more concerned if I loved it immediately tbh. Have fun on your first listens mt.
  3. Holy shit tinker tailor is some spy sounding madness yo
  4. Well I give them more money my way. That's the ultimate sign of respect
  5. It's obviously the correct track listing kids.
  6. Yeah sounds like they really hold back outside of BTW but I thought that about daydreaming at first and now I love it. Currently on the numbers, I like, I think. It's really ballady.
  7. I feel bad so I'll buy again through waste to appease the yorkeminster
  8. Id be amazed if the sequencing was wrong. It all strings together. Anyway penny lets hit ts when you're done. Currently on identikit
  9. people on reddit are complaining about this being 'spoilers' what?
  10. so i really gotta absorb the album before i see them but what if i over-listen to it? i have the hardest life
  11. Can't believe this is out tomorrow. LP number 9. Makes me feel old:(
  12. it didnt click with me straight away but i do really like it now
  13. And u call urself a radiohead fan GTFO!
  14. u ppl dont even understand how vital ed is to the whole process
  15. It took a few listens but I do really like it now. Felt very slow and uneventful at first. Certainly prefer it to codex which is about the same pace.
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