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  1. its better than subterranean homesick ass
  2. oh yeah i really like it, but the sound it just sounds like it gets lost in itself, maybe it'll click with me but i can't help but compare it to albums that have this big variety of sounds and ideas, like pet sounds, and just how they sound absolutely fine. i dunno, i'll give it some more time.
  3. the numbers really reminds me of beck midnightvultures/sea change era and i just listened to some and it's mixed SO MUCH BETTER
  4. most of it sounds fine to me but the numbers its just too much noise it doesnt sound right at all and i really want to like that track but it's so distracting
  5. man the numbers just sounds like too much or something everything is too loud in it and it all washes together anyone else find this
  6. Spinning plates or knives out win the lyrics game yo
  7. How can blackstar be top three on the album that has just/streetspirit/fakeplastictrees. U guys are such dweebs!
  8. and blackstar is about as bad as stop whispering
  9. behave harry vegetable is awesome though & blowout
  10. i like pretty much everything on this album apart from identikit which is rubbish
  11. oh i really do despite that opinion people still listen to albums 'kids these days'
  12. I thought it was Decks Deck when i first saw it.
  13. The choir on decks dark made me lol when I first heard it And then Thom keeps saying 'it was just a laugh'.
  14. Yeah it makes reminds me of sea change.
  15. lol it shows up in my music folder as a moon shaped poo
  16. 3 downloads remaining? i got limited downloads?
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