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  1. Wil

    Radiohead Tour 2016

    Seeing these sluts a week tomorrow. Fuck yeh
  2. Every album you like is shit and I hope you die because of it.
  3. When lp10 is released and pitchfork do another piece on the radiohead msgboards this the thread they will be talking about
  4. wont somebody please think of the skepta
  5. yh ok sure i feel sorryfor you that thisishowyou see music
  6. you've started this war and youre gunna fucking finish it bedroom ghost!
  7. maybe american's dont see it but the anti immigrant attitude in the papers in the uk is huge so obviously america influanced it but maybe us members dont understand how hard it is to actually escape that mentality in the uk newspaper media they literally compare them to swarms of insects
  8. also i dunno why its more difficult to be a fan of anything when music is more accessible now than it ever has been, who cares what other people listen to earning a grammy means nothing to me being number 1 means nothing to me
  9. people dont have to like certain albums but regardless 3 of the highest posting uk members here like tkol me/penny/tom
  10. i gave it another listen the other night and really enjoyed it
  11. spotify is pretty useful onthe go
  12. yeah but its one of their most miserable songs be sad thom yorke! i guess its pretty difficult for him to not look back and chuckle at it all though
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZS5jpU1I7Y lol youre not wrong though this is kinda lame
  14. oh they better had play paranoid andriod when i see them why was it bad? they just didnt give a shit?
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