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  1. Also support was alright but her songs go on way too fucking long. It it progressively better though. Brave to go support Radiohead though so respecccttt
  2. Oooohhh what a night I never saw you alan but i eded up queueing with pennys brother. Anyway was a great set, and they did LSP which is one of if not my favourite song.
  3. woooooooooooooooooo can't wait fer dis shit yo man i hope they do planet talex thats such a fun gig song
  4. @watson, what time did you get there to queue up? how long etc
  5. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1kvKplQLwgPKE this guy gettin the best sound i think
  6. oh man this stream gettin me pumped for tomorra
  7. yessssssss alan ill buy u a beer or w/e u like to drink
  8. oh actually patrick(pennys brother) is going i know that fer sure ad he posted here for a while so that still counts
  9. only two uk mtrs currently going? that's sad :<
  10. im going on saturday if you get saturday lets a have a drink only really have time to drink at venue otherwise id be up for meeting beforehand
  11. if it says tickets not available refresh like a motherfucker just keep doing it thats how i got mine i'd try for level 1 standing but i really cba im satisfied with my level 2 scrubness
  12. roll on saturday gunna try and get thom to call me a cunt
  13. tom why u rate tourist so low r u mad or summit?
  14. edit: 'not allowed to use image extension' SUCK MY ASS MT
  15. Fair point though that loads of people don't get to see it. Still i just wouldnt want to waste ny oppurtunity.
  16. Who goes to ashow just to film the whole thing?
  17. called them up it's primarily photo id to match names to tickets but if there is a problem you might need to present your card but even in this case ill be ok.
  18. yeah i mean account number/sort code is the same just a new 16 digit number. also taking my passport for name verification.
  19. Long story short I bought a ticket using my bank card Bank card swallowed by bank machine due to machine fault Banks sends new card this week I have my ticket with me Will i be refused entry and cockslapped by the system?
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