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  1. Yeah that's not how any box office works lol. Scaaaaaaaaaaaaam.
  2. i think its more than just a dumb song box! its probs the meaning of life tbh
  3. is ARMS the theme for upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH title ARMS?
  4. Bit strange that people are giving thom shit for touring, it can be still be a sudden and unexpected death even if there's cancer.
  5. Man 2016 was certainly cancers year. Hope thom and his children are OK in this difficult time.
  6. This is some great stuff! I'll check out the EP when i get a chance and give you a proper review.
  7. yeah i believe so also pretty sure its why he wont play birmingham anymore :<
  8. also not only did they do small shows but pretty sure might be wrong not 100% but think they mighta done i dunno festivals
  9. pretty sure thom had a breakdown last time he did one of those stupidly long massive world tours. sure it's annoying(3 UK GIGS!) but if they dont want to its not like they owe you anything.
  10. for being pretttttttttttty cooooooooooooooooollllllllllll ;>
  11. Im sure you guys already know but gutg wad attempted but failed due to a loud yelp from an audience member. Was hilarious.
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