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  1. the lana del ray song sounds incredibly similar to creep but 100% of the royalties? that's ridiccccccccccccccccccccccccc
  2. I still come here every day
  3. and for the record tjs trolling was hilarious
  4. loads of people hate faust arp but man i love that shit
  5. 15 Step = average bodysnatchers = good nude = boring weird fishes = bad all i need = boring faust arp = great reckoner = 10/10 jigsaw = real bad videotape = p.good
  6. yeah it seems like too vague a term to ever really use
  7. yeah and not everything and your posse added something to the conversation, not saying it has too. funnyhaha brings it on himself to a certain degree but so much of this thread is self important, condescending and nasty lecturing. the dead horse has been thoroughly beaten. it's time to stop XD
  8. yeah but it seems like youre saying you either support the boycott or you approve of apartheid which some of us dont agree is the case
  9. yeah sure so maybe take issue with everytime the western governments prop them up instead of a rock band i dunno. and i dunno doesnt that kind of thinking trivialise the horrible things (pick a county) has done? just cuz it is a temporary policy? if the UN is pressuring them and has no effect i dont see why preventing a radiohead concert would do anything, or why radiohead playing there is advocating apartheid.
  10. dunno why youre assuming people dont understand the severity of what palestine goes through. Dont see why israeli people are being punished for what their government does.
  11. but then again i've never been under that much scrutiny so what do i know?
  12. i mean i generally agree with him, radiohead playing in israel isn't condoning anything and I think that's a pretty daft point for people to make, and once you do where do draw the line and why because any reasoning about boycotting countries gets pretty arbitrary. uk/us have plenty of reasons for a cultural boycott. but when i see him flipping off people flying palestine flag at concerts im a little disappointed.
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