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  1. Fog Kinetic or Pearly, are probably my fave b-sides.
  2. Hunting Bears. Or Fast Track.....its fast.
  3. Wil

    a new song by me.

    Ohhh that was cool. Do you like Beck at all? I felt you did through the lyrics.
  4. Midnight Vultures - Beck Soft Bullitin - Flaming Lips Temple Of The Morning Star - Today Is The Day Twoism - Boards Of Canada Odelay - Beck
  5. Have any of you seen the National Anthem video, I found it while cruising around the internet last year, and it basically had Thom being cloned, then hitting a radiohead bear, skiiny nospheratu type thing. Then him sitting in a room of clones, each called kia and kib, etc. It was a pretty crapvideo tbh. Not sure if it was legit or not.
  6. Actually liked it, aside from the into scene music. The itnro scene itself reminded me alot of have I got news for you on bbc2. But its great. One of the guys reminded me of Harry Hill
  7. Vegetable, I Cant, Ripcord, Blowout. I fucking love those songs. I hope everyone agrees with me when I say I think the acoustic verson of Creep is far better than the original.
  8. Saw them at Glasto 03. Favourite bit... Either then intermission bit on just, with the high pitched bit. Or 2+2=5, the crowd was great then.
  9. Meh Names will. Been watching the forums for awhile, but only recently started posting. Please to meet y'all. Like 'teh' sig says, you wanna sig, just pm me.
  10. I'm partial to HTDC, the strings on it wrok very well to create the atmosphere, as with most songs. Violin = emotional instrument.
  11. I didn't have lessons, and I'm a fairly decent guitarist. Just practise scales and learn chords and after then learn moving from one chord to another. Then learn trembolo picking, there are many good guitar tutorials on the web.
  12. Exactly, so ignore it, but not as much as the backwards Satan is talking to you theory, anyway just ignore it.
  13. I love In Limbo, has a real lost at sea thang going on. Anyway, i prefer Amnesiac personally, but every Radiohead album has something great to offer. Me and my friend had a theory that Kid A was about a robot being built, and then killing itself, because it got feelings and what-not. 'Everything In Its Right Place', is the robot being made, 'Kid A' is its birth, by the time it gets to 'optimistic' it has feelings and stuff, by the time it gets to 'Morning Bell' its realised it wants be normal, so on 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' it kills itselfs. Me and friend are pathetic tbh.
  14. Johnnys effects changed the way i play. The way Thom uses minors is also pretty good.
  15. Wil

    Meh Drumminorz

    http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=...PD069GUH7P444WO http://s33.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=...R53MMWNMLWDCLOW Heres one where I mess up slightly. http://s34.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=...P13DYL0Q78KPHAV If they don't work, kill me., then tell me so i can make some new links for you. Apparently it hasnt been working. So i made new ones that will work for sure. http://s23.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0S8CIXULC0XQY2YNHGANLBHT51 http://s22.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1PZJQO176G3RA3FM7ZL6HPRP8M
  16. Some the images on here are really great. Anyway, I'm a newb at photography, so don't flame rape me. Tell me how to improve and what-not.
  17. My first time was Fake Plastic Trees on MTV2, never really gave any music a chance, then U heard Paraniod Andriod and hated it, then I heard it again, hated it, then again, then again, eventually I fell in lvoe with it.
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