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  1. Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut

  2. Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut

  3. Wil

    yeah our net cut out for like 5/6 hours last night, that's why I left, sorrrrry

  4. Wil


    Also, I will have zelda too, and we're playing zelda.

  5. Wil

    oh but I've got a week off on the week starting the 28th. That's two weeks right.

    oh man awesome timing if so.

  6. Wil

    hey mans.

    my number is 07538409567

    you'll have to get off at birmingham new street and I'll meet you there.

    but im only free on tuesdays/wednesday so I hope that's ok.

  7. Wil


  8. Wil

    where you at bro?

  9. Wil

    lol you're joking right you didn't at all.

    Eh, that's kind of annoying, we'll see if we can get online at some point, I imagine they'll change it if they get enough complaints.

    Either we can we can still play it at the same time or w/e.

  10. Wil


  11. Wil

    Probably gunna be back between 11 & 12

  12. Wil

    copy that into your address bar and hit enter

    it's the dota2beta signup.

  13. Wil

    sillybilly i dont like arpeggi

  14. Wil

    andy at work, his dad died so I've been covering him. So yeah just been at work a lot.

    I'll be on tonight/tomorrow though.

  15. get on terreria with me and sam

  16. happens to a lot of peopl the first year or two, you kind of find your place.

    I looked back at the posts I made when I first joined, they're terrible.

  17. i may say some horrid things sometimes but you're alright man.

    don't leave or nothing you seem like a good guy.

    if im being a prick, ive probably forgotten about it 10 minutes later.

    but anyway, you're alright man, sorry if i was horrid or anything dude.

  18. he should probably just start patronising his adopted kid. He said 'we made no secret about her adoption', so what's the problem exactly?

  19. attention seeking this is

  20. oh what a pussy

  21. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4ESKR671

    don't worry hannah.

    you'll prolly win:<

    good luck anyway!

  22. Wil

    i was just arguing for fun last night but ti all got a little serious and i didn't realize and i was still playing along that's all.

    just playing

    i dunno what was happening tbh.

  23. Wil


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