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  1. today astoundingly the uk became a whole lot worse
  2. Wil

    Games of 2019

    RE2 was pretty awesome i really like baba is you but i got so stuck i never finished it doom eternal is out this year so ill let you know once that comes out
  3. i dont care about the knock-on effects to environments we should eradicate mosquitoes
  4. i feel complete thanks jonathan!
  5. did anyone find out who till was? that was the last great question
  6. i joined the slack t hing its nice cuz everyone is there but it's very weird to use not sure i dig the whole chat room thing, it gets very messy
  7. Wil


    is slack the new mt?
  8. Wil

    red dead redemption 2

    and according to all the press gameplay previews they had the other day, its still very much a rock* game. they've just improved all the smaller parts so interacting with people feels more individual, contextual missions(like when a random npc comes up to and says 'oh someone robbed me' all feels more natural, and less like youve come across a quest) they tried to make all the smaller things more special and important, so that it doesnt feel like a big main game with a bunch of side quests and if they build upon making the world feel as well crafted as gta5s was, itll be nuts good and the lighting looks great super hyped
  9. Wil

    red dead redemption 2

    i pretty much just bought a ps4 for this game
  10. uh this game looks amazing just waitin on snap to come in a tell me im wrong :>
  11. Wil


  12. Wil


    campus is going bananas atm its camin howm
  13. Wil


    really though what is up with the lack of midfield?
  14. Wil


    hope bleesh is ready to get smashed next match
  15. Wil


    what a frustrating game columbia are did some dirty shit but england kept getting sucked in, played terrible from 25 minutes onwards. in many respects we got lucky the better of two bad teams won that night though.
  16. Wil

    Nintendo Switch

    also i swear to god if i hear another thing about fortnite its such a bad game i will most likely buy smash on release day, play it for a month, never pick it up again, i really hope that isnt the case this one looks like a lot of love went into it. ive been watching smash fans reaction videos since the end of e3 and they're hilarious. here is my favourite https://youtu.be/qmYOlJg4gvE?t=265 'yo my dick, yo, my nutsack, my nuts are preserved my n****' gamers are idiots.
  17. Wil

    Nintendo Switch

    celeste is absolutely brilliant as is hollow knight golf story is pretty goofy but great, it's surprisingly and funny and not a serious golf game at all. Plays really well and I couldnt care less about golf.
  18. depending on where you live you can get the council to come in and blitz your house/apartment for you. bed bugs are hella annoying.
  19. Wil

    I made a song

    I thought it was really good. I liked how the strings moved around. Good stuff man. dont take lindermang seriously hes the most not serious person in existence.
  20. haggle with me jer man u wanna trade games or steam munie or whut?
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