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  1. Jesus I wonder if he ever reads any of this stuff
  2. It sounds choppy and chorus-ey because they used the wrong FFT window size to slow it down. It's pretty funny though edit: where can you get the original?
  3. They're drowning in reverb. The vocals especially are heavily processed. Hiding something? Also it seems that the whole mix in general starts off thick and stays that way thoughout the songs. Other than that, it's cool.
  4. I bandstopped the triange out completely and I still couldn't understand the words.
  5. ".. [unintelligible]... that's a nice way to start, Jonny"
  6. Yeah, I use it to isolate and identify notes or to prove the existance of strange noises/voices
  7. It's so faint.. you'd never be able to figure out what's being said.
  8. Yeah well it took less than five minutes to isolate that spectrogram, upload it, and post here. So I'm not -that- bad. And look, it gets more interesting: It cuts in and out faster and faster as the song progresses
  9. No, he's right. Look: There's a high pitched line at around 15,600Hz. You can see where Thom starts singing on the right side.
  10. No problem! Good luck, hope you can find a suitable sound and figure out the best way to arrange it. I'm happy to help anytime you need to identify a hard-to-distinguish note or chord or whatever; just let me know
  11. Ok I've transcribed the chords for Idioteque using spectrograms: Chord 1: Chord 2: Chord 3: Chord 4: The intensity of individual notes can be determined by their color. I've labeled just the notes that are played; all those unlabeled lines are harmonics of other notes. Let me know what you think!
  12. You can't actually play it with only two hands; the range is too great. You have to have a keyboard that you can layer higher notes over some of the lower ones. It can turn into quite a complicated project. I've been working on it for a while, and I'm still not completely satisfied. I'll post my transcription later
  13. I doubt Coldplay would be -that- stupid.. clearly the new song is supposed to allude to Clocks for whatever reason. I haven't heard the rest of the album yet though, so we'll see. Radiohead still kicks their ass either way
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