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  1. Hope this puts a rest to the TLW babies/be in peace debate, it's clearly babies here. Also, screw the BBC for only playing 2 tracks.
  2. They really look like they're enjoying themselves, I get the feeling they've missed the small stage gigs.
  3. Just me or is nothing happening? Although that stream of people walking past is strangely mesmerising...
  4. This week had barely any new entries and is typically the quietest chart week of the year, but still this is very impressive. The fact they're number one this week is publicity enough to get them more sales for next weeks, although I doubt they'll hold their number one spot.
  5. No. 6 on Rolling Stones non-reader picked list.
  6. Noo! But I checked and everything! Bah, screw this, I'm going back to my lurker hovel.
  7. Okay, I'm not gonna say that Time are a definitive music reviewing site, but they've just placed In Rainbows at number 2 (after Amy Winehouse) for best albums of 2007 and attached this drivel to it: WTF? (On a related note, they placed Halo 3 at number 1 best game of 2007, further illustrating their incompetency)
  8. Don't fund this type of stuff, bootlegs, as the bootlegging community will agree, should be free. I downloaded my Glasto 2003 copy free, in fact the videos you see on YouTube are rips from my copy that I stuck on the net.
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