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  1. I'm in the UK and my copy came yesterday. But likely only because I live in Oxford and they are shipping it from Reading, which isn't that far away.
  2. For those in the UK - Interview + Lift http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p056nb07?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_radio_6_music&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=radio_and_music
  3. I've been waiting for years to hear a decent version of the song. Very pleased with how it sounds, probably wouldn't have fit on OK Computer but meh. Video -
  4. This is very sad indeed. My cousin is likely in the final stages of her battle with cancer and it just angers me that she's slipping away before her time. As for Thom touring ? Why anyone would give him shit for that I do not know. Other than that, there is nothing else to say. As I feel it's intruding on the grief of those who knew her well.
  5. Seems to be the same sort of thing with each album release, people latch onto an idea. Instead of enjoying the music. Anyway I think this is the best they've been artistically since putting OK Computer to one side and the creative rush of Kid A/Amnesiac tired them out a bit. Not knocking the albums that came before this one either. It just seems to have something extra to it, I can't quite my finger on. That or I should go to bed, not slept in 24 hours.
  6. They've not sounded this good since OK Computer/Kid A/Amnesiac. That's my initial reaction from my first listen. Lots of sounds to digest and process before I reach a more balanced view. A friend of mine whose not a massive Radiohead fan, loves it.
  7. Well the chic hobo look ain't cheap. Trust me to be taking a nap when the news was released.
  8. I've bought it so I can listen to it without needing to be online and at the mercy of youtube's bit rates. As for spotify ? I've used that plenty of times in the past to listen to albums a few times before deciding if I'm going to buy it or not. Hopefully it won't be too long before they release the album.
  9. Dawn has arrived sheathed in cloud, in Oxford. Typical Bank Holiday weather. Maybe they'll release something today or the cryptic marketing will continue for a while longer.
  10. The band appear to have asked themselves that question - http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/feb/23/thom-yorke-radiohead-interview As I said enjoy the ride while it lasts, not really fixated on the end. I coped when REM called it quits. Could be worse, they could take a decade or more to release material like say Kate Bush does. I guess they'll see how Thom's recent releases have worked out. Bandcamp might be an option if they want to release it quickly in a digital format (MP3, FLAC etc) with a physical release later on.
  11. December is doable but it depends on how quickly they progress through the tweaking stage and are happy with it. The side projects have probably been quite beneficial to the band as they can stretch themselves away from Radiohead. That all depends on if they feel like they've got more to do as a band creatively. I'm not sure if they have reached that point yet, but none of us can really be sure about that. As ever enjoy the ride that is Radiohead while it lasts.
  12. Yep Miss Pearly. I've met her once or twice in Oxford.
  13. That or Thom will release a Phil Collins style album.... ---- Quite sad that it's ended, but it's none of our beeswax really. Though I did notice plonkers on twitter mistook a Thom Yorke fan for his ex i.e. the picture of Thom crossing the road with said fan in Brazil.
  14. Not a lot different to when he's telling tourists to sod off... Only joking, from what I've seen (which isn't much), he tends to stomp off if he gets annoyed. A friend of mine (academic) did talk to him about social media in a queue for hummus. That video always cracks me up.
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