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  1. have GA tix. some Qs re: Moda, as I've never been there. I realize difference between shows/acts, but looking for some general info. I've asked the center direct but hit and miss on responses They say line up starts 8am (yikes). Flight gets in later afternoon. Can I still expect decent spot if I get there around 5? I'm taller so not super concerned about line of sight or being super close, but first RH show I've scored GA floor. Roughly how far is the back of GA floor from stage? Now that weed is legal in OR, can it be brought in? FAQ states 'illegal substances' prohibited, which it's not. Lighter OK? I'm going solo. What's the etiquette for saving my GA space if I need to wee? I'm used to going to smaller venues - I usually understand I lose my spot, and stand farther back when I return. Would hate to lose so much space at a larger show though. Thanks in advance!
  2. hellz ya - got a tick for 8/4 show. still in 8/8 waiting room...
  3. I see that, but at said time does it then offer up an actual link that takes you to some other site? Or are you just queued up from that link? When I refresh page, it closes up the page and takes an extra click to open back up. just trying to save some time and see what actual experience is going to be like. tx
  4. Can someone reply regarding the original post? tx
  5. got another email from them today. here is site: http://www.wasteheadquarters.com/wastetourdates/
  6. Got the email for upcoming sales. I see the General sale is Friday and on AXS. Where does one go for the WASTE sale and tips for accessing? I'm assuming it will be the WASTE site where they're showing the tour dates, but I don't want to blow this. Two shows at LA Shrine... oh dear. thanks in advance!
  7. sigh.... hope others had better luck because they're using 'ticketless' tickets, is there no way to get these from ebay, stubhub, etc.? so bummed
  8. "Refresh these http://europeanticke...splayItems.html" Just to be clear, I can buy tickets for SB at the UK site also? tx
  9. RE: waste site/login... In '08 there were separate logins for waste merch vs. tix. Is this still the case? If so, how can I be sure that I have a ticket login? I just registered on the merch site, as it vurrently says no tix available. Maybe the same now? Something totally different? grats
  10. congrats! approx. what time did they go on sale?
  11. I missed them completely last time due to pre-planned vacation. Some how, some way I will be at this show! and grats for the link!
  12. As may others have said - go do it. I've had my absolute best concert experiences when solo. Hell, some of my best experiences ever. Have a great time with others at certain shows, but most (all?) of my friends/so's aren't moved as I am at other shows. Some shows are great to chat with friends about (a more 'fun' show), but other shows I just want to get a buzz on and lose myself. I've seen Sigur Ros (a few times) and Arcade Fire solo - as Spalding Gray used to say, "Perfect moments...". fingers are crossed for Santa Barbara tix!
  13. disregard - just saw they go on 1/19
  14. based on other threads, it looks like waste tix go on sale (hopefully) 3 days prior to regular. On RH website for SB tix, I see this: From TBC at W.A.S.T.E. From 21 Jan 7:00pm GMT Just want to be clear that this means reg tix go on sale Saturday, Jan 21 at 11am. And if 3 day rule applies, waste tix go on sale the morning of Wednesday, Jan 18th. That correct? sorry - just want to be sure as I cannot miss this show! tx!
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