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  1. I believe WASTE currently shows some Philly tix available. https://www.wasteheadquarters.com/schedule
  2. Really looking forward to the Philly shows. This is probably the most 'anxious' Ive been for an RH show since the first time I saw them at the 930 club(DC) in '97. Not sure why.
  3. "Did waste send you an email or anything that they were on their way to you? I haven't heard anything from waste, and i'm getting quite anxious about it..." ----- Nope, we never had any communication...until they arrived in the mail today. I wasnt worried because my credit card took the hit when we bought them and i've purchased merchandise from Waste before w/o a hitch of any kind.
  4. We received our pit tix for Bristow,VA in the mail today. They arrived in a bubble-wrap lined yellow envelope with a few styrofoam peanuts thrown in for good measure. ha! Got to protect those fragile tix! Would have been nicer if Waste had used the cornstarch based shipping peanuts that dissolve in water-much friendlier to the landfill. Anyway, my girlfriend just did her happy dance so all is well.
  5. Also, keep in mind, in the above views, most of the rows of chairs in front of you won't actually be there for the rh show because they are removed to create the 'pit' .
  6. for my money, the 102's should be much better !!! visit this site and get a 'view' from each of your seat locations by clicking on the appropriate section/row. http://www.ascticket.com/nissan.html or..here's the approx view from your row in 102... http://www.ascticket.com/images/102FRONT.JPG and here's the approx view from your row in 103... http://www.ascticket.com/images/103FRONT.JPG
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