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  1. hm, is that how it works? i figured EMI just owned the recordings they made while they were signed. otherwise how are they able to do things like go on the colbert show and play the national anthem? real question, not rhetorical.
  2. yeah in the pets thread maybe, my photography skills are nonexistent.
  3. o shit is that your cat? she really does look just like lilly. or at least the colors.
  4. you realize that +110000 is still 1, right?
  5. 15 step is pretty much the best song on the album, possibly second to reckoner.
  6. i suppose it's kind of an album. it stands on its own, has a flow and a feel all its own, and has basically two songs you cant hear on anything else. but it would be cool to get something like a more traditional live album. the only thing is i wouldn't want them just compiling a greatest hits album with like every popular live song from the last 20 years for fan service. i would want it to be the songs that best reflect the band they've become and the songs they enjoy playing live the most, and probably with emphasis on songs that really come alive as entities separate from their studio counte
  7. bangers and mash. what is that fucking lead guitar sound about? sounds like an instrument a clown pulled out of his pants. this situation is made far worse by the fact that its a great live song, and even the rest of the recorded version is acceptable, but that fucking guitar man.
  8. yeah that song is pretty awesome, probably my favorite of his.
  9. tbh this is a better discussion about other music than has occurred in the Other Music forum in like a year.
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