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  1. Any audio for Philly Night 1?
  2. Thanks for the info. I've read over on Reddit that some of the venues have had separate lines for WASTE tickets and they got in 5-10 mins before the other doors opened. Did you get an email prior to the show explaining the process? I read that, too.
  3. So are there any benefits to the WASTE tickets? - Are WASTE tickets separated from the rest of GA? I read something on reddit about WASTE tickets getting numbers written on their hand? - Do WASTE tickets get earlier entry? - What time are people lining up outside? I don't need to be against the rail, but I do want to be in a good spot. - Any other WASTE ticket benefits?
  4. My tickets are will call.
  5. How Am I Driving EP Itch EP A lot of the singles from OK Computer Meeting People is Easy VHS and DVD Special Edition Amnesiac Book Special Edition Kid A Book (although I can't find it at the moment) In Rainbows Special Edition A Moon Shaped Pool Special Edition OKNOTOK Box Set This T-shirt: https://www.etsy.com/listing/594325297/vintage-1997-radiohead-ok-computer?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=radiohead%20shirt&ref=sr_gallery-1-40 This T-Shirt: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RADIOHEAD-Ice-Caps-Melting-DNA-Breeding-WASTE-T-Shirt-XL-RARE-vintage/222845813099?hash=item33e2a5416b:g:YWMAAOSwL9pagMzL
  6. My order said Will Call for Philly. Have to go to the venue with confirmation email and ID.
  7. Man, I stayed up ALL night to get those tickets. Well worth it though. I had great seats.
  8. I had two queues going for both nights in Philly. The first one worked with no problem, but the second one kicked me out. I pushed refresh after getting kicked out and it worked just fine. Tickets were available for that night too (I cancelled that one since the first worked).
  9. I got two tickets for July 31 in Philly. General Admission.
  10. Nevermind! Different URL. Doh.
  11. So I could get to the link with the pre sale info. However, when I try to go to the tour and ticket page through the WASTE home page, I can the general sale dates. Any idea why?
  12. 3. Columbia, MD - 03 Philly, PA - 06 Philly, PA - 06 Twice in May. Charlotte and Bristow. Also a Bull Run survivor. That was a horrible day.
  13. I'm not worried about it. Just find it funny that waste has mentioned different time periods.
  14. March 7, next week, late march. I don't know what to believe.
  15. Someone already got WASTE tickets? You sure? Did your friend ever get an email? If you aren't there, they aren't going to leave the tickets at your front door. I'd be pissed if I came home and saw my tickets just sitting there. While it would be an inconvenience, to go and pick the tickets up...it is a small price to pay.
  16. I'd be wary too...haha. I used to be a member of this board a LONG time ago (6-7 years?). I mostly go to atease now for my news and what not. Someone copied their email from WASTE saying they were hoping to get the seat locations out by today. I'm guessing it isn't going to happen, but hopefully it will soon.
  17. Rumor is that we should hear tomorrow. Someone from atease sent WASTE an email and they replied saying that seat locations should be out tomorrow (march 7). Hopefully it is true.
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