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  1. haha. stay vigilant and you will get a ticket. all you need is one, right? those are fairly easy to get (well, for the right price) cause sometimes people get extra.
  2. OMG for reallllllll? I was wondering why only one night in the best city.
  3. wow my friend scored MSG night 3. New York here I come.
  4. yea, i dont think this is a 'if you build it, they will come' kind of situation. it's gone beyond spam and just the fact that most have moved on. i still like to poke my head in here. maybe out of habit/comfort. never really was much of a talker here so slack wouldn't work for me. so....i'll just continue with my knitting in the corner.
  5. ^awesome. haven't you been waiting for this for a long time?
  6. the unexpected choices planet telex getting lots of masterpiece loving in this thread. didn't know...
  7. i know that an objective assessment of an artist's achievement can be hella subjective. but we always pick songs that are our favorite. so i thought it would be interesting to pick from a slightly different viewpoint. it's obviously possible. for ex i can listen to airbag a million times, it's pretty much my favorite from okc but i picked paranoid cause that song is brilliant, and represents a monumental evolution for the band. it might be the obvious choice but that's only because it became so popular.
  8. yea same. (unless you're trolling) i thought it was a great, unexpected choice.
  9. its a gray area for sure. do you pick the "best" because it's your favorite? probably. but i was going for picking a song that displays more of a peak of their accomplishment as artists than how i personally experienced the song.
  10. Blow Out Street Spirit Paranoid Android How to Disappear Completely Pyramid Song There There Arpeggi Bloom Present Tense sorry i'm bored. highest artistic achievement on each album.
  11. what an amazing time/era...the album, the shows, the webcasts.... miss those days
  12. absolutely lovvvvve man of war. might feel a little 'clean' in the studio but its amazingly well done. has this song always reminded one of the beatles? don't know why this version feels really influenced by their sound. oh and that video is up there with their best imo.
  13. thought the same thing with iron lung ep. it would have fit perfectly on there.
  14. it kinda also reminds me of the drummer boy xmas song.
  15. same thoughts! it's a pretty song. lets be happy it's not worse. also please forgive my confusion about these unreleased tracks.....but the band are just remastering the old versions and not doing full blown new versions a la nude, right? so lift will just sound like a cleaner version of the original....
  16. i'm sure there are a myriad of brilliant outtakes, edits, revised/recut/redone, extended outros and intros that the band have and probably forgotten or think it's not good....
  17. supposedly the song's live debut. have never heard it so thought i'd share.
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