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  1. hey i overslept the day they went on sale. how dumb of me. i will buy them without a doubt. got.hoisin@gmail.com my names andrew.
  2. i've been watching live rh lately and i love the live version of pulk. damn i love it haha. is that similar to the acoustic???
  3. yea scatterbrain is pretty tough but fun. i think that Subterranean Homesick Alien is fairly easy to play but sounds very technical.
  4. because i know a lot of us play guitar and i love playing rh songs on guitar perhaps a chat at another site in which we all share our guitar talents.....most of which should involve rh songs. anyone?
  5. i too have d/l this song after reading this and do not like it very much either. i'm not too familiar on pablo honey songs yet, except creep, anyone can play guitar, and this one. this one being my least favorite now. just a throw away track...blur has many of those on early albums also.
  6. as genius as the others. a melting pot of albums past. httt was the first album i bought and was a good segway (sp?) into all the other radiohead albums.
  7. thanks! i will avoid it like a and i d/l most b-sides on limewire...to be honest.
  8. But when searching for radiohead remixes on limewire, i found out about "towering above the rest." this was roughly...two minutes ago. anyone have this collection of b-sides etc? how is it?
  9. rhode island....its neither a road nor an island...discuss I'M just uptight...
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