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  1. weatherhouse sounds like it has alot more diversity on in. familial was great and all, but this seems more ''radiohead-y'', and i know its a solo album, but there's nothing wrong with catering to your initial fan base
  2. theres a demo version of There There from the same session. if you search youtube its the one thats 7 minutes long
  3. hockey season started in october and radiohead/thom were on a break. what else was i supposed to do? i started repeating comments to new topics posted by new members, so i felt i needed to take a RH diet for a while.
  4. well cant we make a poll that consists of EVERY rh song, and just base it off of that?
  5. traveled across the country for this gig, and this was def one of the highlights for me...
  6. has ANYTHING rh related surfaced in the last month or two? ive been watching too much hockey and ignoring radiohead lately
  7. wait a minute, is this for real? nightmare splash? im assuming its not.
  8. any news on the jonny greenwood composition, "Water" recently?
  9. you should join my club, ''The 8 people who don't hate pablo honey'' what rarities do you have/looking for?
  10. thom's ''vocal training'' is a mix of him being influenced by neil young and jeff buckley.
  11. i wish, idk why they didnt do this one on the 2012 tour. one of the most underated songs on HTTT
  12. that hidden song has been fan titled genchildren over the years. so although unofficial, it's been recognized as being that name. i also read that it was a fatory error, meaning the band wanted it as the intro but it somehow ended up as a hidden track. cant validate that for sure though
  13. i used to listen to that shit back in the day, i remember marky mark and the funky bunch being in heavy rotation
  14. prove yourself was technically a single before ph came out, regardless, one of the best songs on the album
  15. yea man, i remember going to every record store in my town every day hoping to find green day eps. tower records was usually pretty reliable in that department but they never had the foot in mouth or bowling bowling bowling parking parking eps, but they would have rare singles occasionally
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