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  • Birthday 06/01/1986

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    New Hampshire/New York
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    Music (playing, writing, listening), some old school sega, work of course, and also watching hockey and soccer [football]
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    manager, starbucks
  • Favorite Radiohead Song
    Worrywort, Bloom, The National Anthem, Faithless, The Wonderboy
  • Favorite Radiohead Album
    Hail To The Thief, Pablo Honey
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    Nirvana, The Beatles, Scott Joplin, Miracle Legion, The Misfits, Neko Case, Neil Young, Arcade Fire, The Stone Roses, Pearl Jam, Aphex Twin, A Tribe Called Quest, Oingo Boingo, Sigur Ros, The Libertines, Glen Hansard, Caspian, A Minor Revolution, The Dawdles, early-Green Day, Ritchie Valens

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I've been listening to Radiohead alot since the early 2000's and had the pleasure of seeing them at All Points West Festival in New Jersey back in 2008. And... San Jose in April 2012, Mansfield in May 2012, Brooklyn in September 2013 [AFP]

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