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    Music (playing, writing, listening), some old school sega, work of course, and also watching hockey and soccer [football]
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    manager, starbucks
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    Worrywort, Bloom, The National Anthem, Faithless, The Wonderboy
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    Hail To The Thief, Pablo Honey
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    Nirvana, The Beatles, Scott Joplin, Miracle Legion, The Misfits, Neko Case, Neil Young, Arcade Fire, The Stone Roses, Pearl Jam, Aphex Twin, A Tribe Called Quest, Oingo Boingo, Sigur Ros, The Libertines, Glen Hansard, Caspian, A Minor Revolution, The Dawdles, early-Green Day, Ritchie Valens

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  1. weatherhouse sounds like it has alot more diversity on in. familial was great and all, but this seems more ''radiohead-y'', and i know its a solo album, but there's nothing wrong with catering to your initial fan base
  2. theres a demo version of There There from the same session. if you search youtube its the one thats 7 minutes long
  3. hockey season started in october and radiohead/thom were on a break. what else was i supposed to do? i started repeating comments to new topics posted by new members, so i felt i needed to take a RH diet for a while.
  4. well cant we make a poll that consists of EVERY rh song, and just base it off of that?
  5. traveled across the country for this gig, and this was def one of the highlights for me...
  6. has ANYTHING rh related surfaced in the last month or two? ive been watching too much hockey and ignoring radiohead lately
  7. wait a minute, is this for real? nightmare splash? im assuming its not.
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