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  1. clinic would be grand, again.
  2. says he that came to realise his own worthlessness and whined about it. thus, hid behind a pathetic alias that is still better than his original self. find yourself before you find others. you've been here a long time to be so clueless.
  3. its vivid tangerine and magenta. vivid tangerine there are many mysterious things about this color. the elders preach that the birth of the color, in fact, came from the womb of the wife of genghis khan during the asexual birth of their 32nd child, of which mysteriously occured the night after sucking on a lemon. the child was named KID A, because after having 43 children with his former wife... he decided to simply go through the alphabet to sooth his aging memory. long since, the color has represented uncertainty and/or hidden agenda. whilst working in the mental instituition, thom's body was momentarily taken over by a gentleman wrongly admitted to the hospital for obsessively repeating that he was a reincarnation of genghis himself. his rants were later found to be true. thom is writing about this experience. after the bodily take-over, all his feelings of alienation and angst were swept away. he finally felt a part of something. he felt accepted. he was at ease with himself. everything... was... in its right place. shit. i've said too much already. magenta oh fuck it. somebody else do it.
  4. we noticed. ...and the hypocrites came tumbling after.
  5. not that... she took an unecessary turn...
  6. can't take a joke ay? or read a thread ay? you're lucky you creep me out so much... you're in chicago? will you go save holle, please?
  7. this is why the arguement of quality VS quantity arises.
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