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  1. myxoteque


    Ya never know sometimes...
  2. i definately believe it would be easier not 'thinking deeply.' sometimes it reaches a point of envy, but points are so small.
  3. all three of us are in dallas. airbag is in austin, and someone sporadic in houston. no worries.
  4. of course space travel is important. the gist eludes you.
  5. clinic would be grand, again.
  6. lol chris, what in the robot-hand made you think this is mooks or myself?
  7. in lieu of thread: yo dudes alligator is a fine release. it has likable melodies a la the innocent way your dog comes back to love you moments after you punch him. i enjoy this the same way i enjoy stealing from a baby, eaasy money. i enjoy the lyrics. they have the strokes-esque melody with an extremely, decently larger amount of not too much over-substance.
  8. i didn't post here? hm, sometimes i get tired of them. i think i made this thread once... anywho. i'm seeing them tonight. i might not go to the austin festival with all the evacuating traffic. dunno. they should be interesting live. i'm expecting packs of indie, vegan girls wearing t-shirts bearing the mark of the beast, sipping snapple. beast, meaning virgin suicides.
  9. asexuality aside, there is one animal that reproduces in such a way, far more absurd than that of the mantidae. iv'e posted about it before. its such an oddity you'd think its folklore. lol
  10. you don't get what needs to be got. did you forget how to think before you thought? lol
  11. firstly: what? secondly: hey cindi. thirdly: how was the storm?
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