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  1. There are literally tens of tens here, tens of tens! All willing to discuss radiohead and how AMSP > IR
  2. I am wondering if I should....idk. think i might just go down with this ship.
  3. My bubbe always used to scare me about fast food - saying that they were all infested with rats and semen. Idk. She was old world crazy. Anyway, i cant go to any of those chains without feeling like im eating rat dick.
  4. I am starting to think Lindermang/Till was just one of those MT bots that spams the board, but gained semi consciousness like Agent Smith in the Matrix.
  5. LP10 release hype starts, i promise shit gets crazy here again. Its a long down period right now for the band. I aint sweating it. Like i said before, ill believe MT is dead once there is actual Rh news to discuss and no ones discussing it. Until then, hunker down. Eat your beans. And cover your eyes!!
  6. Penetration sex is not only sex. What is penisectomy....is it what it sounds like?? To afraid to google.
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