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  1. There are literally tens of tens here, tens of tens! All willing to discuss radiohead and how AMSP > IR
  2. I've seen some cynical people on here posting that the HoF is a joke, waste of time,etc. And maybe their right. But I've also watched interviews with famous black artists (specfically Ray Charles, The Impressions, and Isley Brothers) who cut their teeth during the nasty days of Jim Crowe in the South and have said that getting inducted into the HoF has been something of a validation. So while I get it's really cool to talk shit about the HoF, I also can appreciate what it means to people.
  3. I selfishly wanted to hear Spectre. That's on my live music bucket list. Were you at the show? I froze my ass off outside to get 20th in line.
  4. Am I the only fucking RH fan on this site anymore? For what it's worth-he played Reckoner. I didn't care much for the version, but it was still neat. I also have been intentionally unaware of the new material so hearing I am a very rude person for the first time was awesome. Really enjoyed it. The quality of music coming from Thom is just insane. Am really starting to get worried that it'll take away from RH work. Even his adjustments to The Eraser album are improving those tracks to a high degree.
  5. Idk dudes. Especially after AMSP, with all the layers of sounds and orchestral arrangements - I think VideoTape coulda been tits! It's not bad I still love it, but Live VideoTape is bad ass. Even their subtle changes during the last couple tours of the song are better than IR version. Daily Mail still blows.
  6. Never mind, it sounds like Thom actually enjoyed the iR recording... An interview with Mojo Magazine February 2008: "We were looking for something that had a real effect on us, an emotional impact, and that happened when we were doing 'Videotape' and I was semi kicked out of the studio for being a negative influence. Jonny and Nigel had done this stuff to it that reduced us both to tears. It completely blew my mind. They'd stripped all the nonsense away that I'd been piling onto it, and what was left was this quite pure sentiment."
  7. I fall the other way. IR Videotape is a case where too much restraint mutes the beauty of a damn good song. I think Thom agrees with me. I've read articles where he kind of washes his hands of the recording. Let me find it....
  8. It sure as shit ain't Let It Be. I've been pretty honest on this board that they fucked up Videotape. Had IR Videotape been Live Videotape, I'd be singing a different tune. Don't change the subject, this shit's about The Daily Mail. The song is boring and sounds like Coldplay trying to be Amnesiac Radiohead.
  9. I'm a little sad because I posted in your Bible thread about Jesus and now that's lost in the matrix and I just dont have the gumption to get back into it. I was basically just trying to outline a genealogical rebuttal to the messianic claim. Eh.Whatever. Maybe it's sign.
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