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  1. Malcolm peeked anxiously down the long, narrow corridor. It was nearly noon and still no word from his lawyer yet. It had been 7 months to the day that he had been indicted into the Correctional Prison in Huntsville, Texas. It was 3 days after New Years, which brought the year to 2042. As he sat there he replayed the trial the night before in his head. Had he said something that would convict him? Would he rot for the next 20 to 25 in this jail cell? All of the variables were played over in his head a million times. He was snapped out of his daze by the sound of three people walking down the h
  2. THE BEST PART ABOUT THE SONG IS: I SPIRAL DOWNNNNNNNNNNN listen to the drums about 4 seconds after that part.. spectacular! STFU PHIL CRITICS
  3. not to mention that phil is sick in it.
  4. they do it because thom's voice is shit jk
  5. idioteque often leads to some serious secks
  6. i'm feelign fucked up at the moment yes.
  7. hey man don't hurt my feelings
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