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  1. i saw an AWESOME sunrise when i rolled over and looked outside this morning, but i fell asleep before i thought to capture it.
  2. hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e8f7998aa3f13b5eab1eab3e9fa335caf39831dc484e875e lemme know if I messed anything up.
  3. i will upload the 2008 show in a bit. that 2003 show sounds awesome. i wish i wasn't 13 when it happened.
  4. i thought mine was suiting for such a messageboard, much like most everyone else. i thought about changing it to fit in, but at this point, nah. plus, i don't have any better ideas. i would be tarheelboy1080 and go back to the good ole days of AIM in 6th grade. but garrett took that too.
  5. he does have a point that there is too much attention paid to stories about rihanna but it still isn't any better to post shitty obscure op-eds about our impending doom
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