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  1. All my answers are based off of my experience at MSG, but I believe it to be the case everywhere. No, no separation from the rest of GA. The numbers on the hand thing was just part of the honor system so that people could go get something to eat or the bathroom and leave the line and get their place back. No, you do not get in early. I got to MSG right at 4pm and had number 114 written on my hand. I ended up about six people back of the rail. Really the line didn't get crazy until about 5:30 or so. No WASTE ticket benefits. Sorry.
  2. I received my MSG Wednesday tickets in the mail two weekends ago...
  3. I purposely targeted the second night. Figured it would be the one with the least traffic this morning. I mean I had three windows going, but selected night two at the first possible moment. Hoping there's that snow balls chance in hell that I can get something for the other nights Saturday morning.
  4. Did anyone that was successful in getting tickets see if there were multiple options for ticket delivery? I don't recall seeing any options. On the email I got it says that they will be delivered by mail. Does anyone think they will really be sending these through the mail? I thought they were almost always will call.
  5. It WAS hopping back then! Miss those times. I went crazy that year and saw them eight times on that tour. West Palm Beach, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, Hollywood Bowl, San Diego, Santa Barbara. Wish I could have gone more!
  6. YES!!! I had three devices set up, phone, iPad, and laptop. Figured laptop would be the easiest, but it was the one that had the Bad Gateway message. Good thing the others did not have that problem. WTF was that about?
  7. Was just lamenting on that yesterday. Back in 2008(?) for the In Rainbows tour. Waking up at 5am, starting up the computer and hitting refresh every few seconds. Then all of a sudden in a sleepy haze the page changes, for a moment you can't remember why you've been doing this, then f*ck, time to put my game face on, not make any false keystrokes, hyperventilate, nearly pass out, then finally score with some great tickets. Good times!
  8. Got three tickets for the middle show at Madison Square Garden. I'll have to fly in with my wife, and I'm sure it will turn into an expensive few days. But never been to MSG so no better time for a first time than for RADIOHEAD!!!
  9. It's now been a few days since I saw the guys in Atlanta on Saturday. I was going back looking at videos I took, kind of reliving the show again and again. I thought about a comment that I made to my wife early on in the show, something that made no sense to her, but maybe for folks like those who are reading this forum, might make sense. I was watching them and thinking about really and truly how big a part of my life this band Radiohead has been, and I felt like I was going to get emotional. I'm now a 40 year old man, I feel my youth slipping away all the time. Like many I have regrets, things I wish I'd done, things I would have changed. I've also got so many great memories, past experiences, past (what I thought at the time were) loves, good choices, fun times. All the while Radiohead has been a part of that. I started listening to them regularly the first time I heard Creep in high school, and I've had other musical crushes, but I always go back to Radiohead. First time I saw them live was in 1995 when they opened for a one hit wonder who quickly flamed out (Soul Asylum, trust me, I was there to see Radiohead). Saturday was live experience number 13, I hope I get at least 13 more. So I tell my wife that watching Radiohead was flooding me with emotion and thoughts and feelings. Her response was, "What, are you going to cry or something?" I laughed it off, but part of me was ready to cry. One of those good kind of cries. So yeah, Radiohead does that to me.
  10. This is awesome! Thank you for creating and sharing it.
  11. Daydreaming Desert Island Disk Ful Stop Airbag My Iron Lung Separator All I Need Pyramid Song Street Spirit (Fade Out) Bloom I Might Be Wrong Myxomatosis Idioteque The Gloaming Subterranean Homesick Alien The Numbers House of Cards Encore 1 No Surprises Burn The Witch Paranoid Android Present Tense Everything in its Right Place Encore 2 You and whose Army? Body snatchers Encore 3 Karma Police
  12. It's Radiohead. They'll still sell out their shows.
  13. Sounds like you'll have a great time. I too am getting super pumped to see them this Saturday in Atlanta. Will be my 13th time seeing them.
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