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  1. thats rather obvious. Thom hates the sign guy... seriously
  2. I now have my radiohead atlanta show complete with a snazzy album cover created by my brother all on my iPod at easy listening ability This is something i cannot say enough to enigma... THANK YOU!!!!!!! I will re-pay all of you when i get my 20 minutes of live footage from atlanta uploaded to youtube next week
  3. Yeah radiohead is being very eco-friendly... but what about the thousands of people that sat in their cars circling the venue in Bristow?
  4. Thank you SOOO MUCH From one radiohead fan to another, thank you so damn much! This was my first and possibly only time to ever see my absolute favorite band and now i can re-live it any time! you are the man!!!
  5. the funny thing is... ALL the songs for amnesiac were recorded at the same time as kid A. there's no reason you should say that kid A is better because they are all from the same studio sessions! amnesiac is my favorite btw
  6. have you ever seen packt like sardines live ? jigsaw is just awesome and honestly hooey, as a dank smoker i would have thought you knew how awesome of a song sardines is
  7. Thinking back on May 8th 2008 right now it is all i can do not to jump up and down with joy after seeing my favorite band of the last 7 years. Why only writing about it now? many days after the show? Because thats how long its taken for the effect to wear off. All i can really say is that this band puts on the most outstanding performance that i have ever witnessed in a band. And i've seen a lot of bands... with a lot of energy.. and yet somehow...radiohead takes the cake. Put it this way... I saw Rage Against the Machine in New Orleans last year at Voodoofest. Radiohead in atlanta had TWICE the magnitude, despite in New Orleans literally 80,000 people were jumping up and down during rage. There is just something about this show that is different from all the rest. The setlist of songs they gave up was fantastic, and even though my two favorite were'nt played (packt like sardines and jigsaw) i felt as if it didn't even matter. If you havent seen them live, do it.. or you will regret it forever. Here's a pic that i took in atlanta... videos coming in the next weeks.
  8. dude thank you so much. the sample song of reckoner sounds AMAZING. takes me right back. btw... where were the microphones you used placed? i swear i can hear myself!!!
  9. if thom yorke held my door open for me i would be like WTF?
  10. RadioWeed


    what was the bullshit with the stand not even having the in rainbows light up sunglasses in atlanta???? i was sooo pissed. i wanted them shades
  11. the lights during PA were the same in Atlanta.
  12. holy shit are you serious. can i please surgically place your mind/eyes on me
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