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  1. http://pitchfork.com/news/34799-thom-yorke-to-remix-doom/ The enigmatic underground rap icon DOOM (who, as we reported last month, just dropped the "MF" from his name) wears a clunky metal mask. That mask is a big part of DOOM's mythology, and it links him with his namesake, the greatest villain in the history of his beloved Marvel Comics. But it's also had a smaller, more practical side effect: It's allowed DOOM to walk down the street without being recognized. I can only imagine that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wishes he'd thought up that trick first. In any case, Yorke is a fan of DOOM, since he's remixing the guy. (He also included "Meat Grinder", a song from the DOOM/Madlib collaboration Madvillain, on his Grammy poster.) Later this month, DOOM will drop his long-awaited comeback album BORN LIKE THIS. Yorke's worked his magic on "Gazzillion Ear", one of the songs from the album, and people who buy BORN LIKE THIS on iTunes will get the song as an iTunes-only bonus track. This could be pretty awesome, and it'll be even better if it convinces Yorke to dip his toe into rap beatmaking more often. I, for one, would love nothing more than to see Thom Yorke become the next Just Blaze. Lex will release the BORN LIKE THIS on March 24. Even without that Yorke remix, it's shaping up really well so far, so mark your calendars. In other Radiohead news, someone from the USC Marching Band, who backed Radiohead on their performance of "15 Step" at the Grammys, has uploaded this video of footage from rehearsals and preparations for the big show. Highlights: Johnny Greenwood being a surprisingly strict taskmaster, Thom Yorke doing the jittery worm-wiggle thing even in rehearsals, the kid who calls U2 "mediocre," the kid who says, "Next stop: Super Bowl!" Required viewing if you are a dork. (We are dorks.) (Via Stereogum.) There is a snippet of the remix at the link.
  2. hmmmm..Nude, the most beautiful girl i have ever seen (with a kebab, ooooohh!)
  3. This might be helpful? http://www.waste-central.com/profile/TheMostGiganticFlyingMouth edit: go to view all and it will show you some details about some stuff, like about recycling, how many people carpooled etc etc... Fan information, like the carpooling stuff, I think is based off of that survey WASTE sent out. It was interesting to read after the show I went to. edit..again: i'm not sure if its whats your looking for, i just read some of the stuff posted and i'm now realizing its a little more about how that venue is trying to be more environmentally friendly..i don't know, it might be helpful.
  4. Initially I didn't think that it sounded well with the ending scene at all. It seemed very out of place. but I feel like the lyrcis of the song went perfectly with the ending scene. I suppose it depends on how you interpret the lyrcis, but personally, i thought it went wonderfully, in an odd sort of way. The movie was ok though. I thought Fight Club was much better.
  5. hanging on to something, maybe one specific thing, or something intangible, because you don't have anything else to hang on to. And despite the reality of the situation or what it is you are holding on to, which may not be in your favor, you still hold on to it anyway. i don't know.
  6. I use to like Morning Bell/Amnesiac more. But i've become more familar with the Kid A version, so I think that now I like the Kid A version better....idk idk, but i know where you're coming from man, I totally get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  7. Nipples. Things that are kind of disgusting or awkward, and kind of humorous..but can be symbolic or representational in art...in a weird way. You know, like nipples.
  8. I called them about my tickets for the May 5th show, and I think I used this number: +44 (0)118 956 9183 It's the number they sent out in their emails. They were very quick at solving my problem, but I haven't used the number since the first presale, so i don't know if it still works or is out of service or whatever. I hope you get your problem solved, good luck.
  9. Oh man, these are awesome. I wish i knew more about this group they put together but i can't find much information. Thanks a lot for the uploads! : ) Edit: ohh nevermind, just found some info on it. Neato.
  10. He looks like he has little tiny lights on the tips of each of his eyelashes. Like a little magical eyelash creature. Just beautiful.
  11. Oh my goossshhh..This is AMAZING!!! Beautifffuuullll.. I love the clouds. : )
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