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  1. i was very surprised at how good the sound was. i was 5 or 6 rows back in the pit at the dallas show and the music/lyrics were clear as day. i have seen various arena shows before and to me, the only way to clearly hear is to plug my ears. but even being so close, i was able to make out thom's random banter between songs. they must have really spent some time with the acoustics of these arenas or something because this is one of the best "sounding" shows i have been to.
  2. has anyone heard anything about dallas audio? it seems like other shows keep popping up and i've looked all over the place and haven't seen anything about anyone having taped at dallas.
  3. i saw them in houston for the ir tour at mitchell pavillion and got a reserved seat then (tried to get a pit seat but woke up late). this time around i was expecting to get reserved seats just based on how big i'm guessing the pit area will be at the aac, but it seems as if dallas was one of the few to not have that option. i just hope the whole floor isn't going to be ga
  4. anyone seen a show here? got ga tickets and wondering how big the pit area is/will be.
  5. i like it a lot. it's a lot more organic sounding than the tkol stuff.
  6. i am also getting nervous about the direction the band is taking in regards to the present tense. the song needs a httt treatment, similar to 2+2 or sit down stand up. i am completely fine waiting and wishing for the song than it be released sounding like the current vibe the band has going, not that that is bad! just not what tpt needs.
  7. i could not agree with this more and honestly, i haven't thought about it this way. from the mexico soundcheck of the present tense, and my bias towards httt, i am hoping that they record the present tense in the vein they soundchecked it at. i don't know about the vibe they are going for for those other songs, but the present tense needs to stay that way!!!!
  8. i have listened to both songs a couple of times and i have always liked supercollider, so naturally i paid more attention to it. i think once there are mp3 quality versions out there, we will hear a lot more going on in these songs. BUT holy shit. the butcher is amazing. i love the whole menacing vibe of the music and the lyrics together. and when phil comes in with the drums at 2:07 and 3:20, it's almost too perfect haha. cannot wait/hoping it happens that they tour because this song is going to be intense live. i am in the camp that the butcher is better than anything on tkol, and i really like tkol. and also a thank you to the people that ripped the songs for all of us, and cannot wait until we get mp3 versions of these songs!
  9. this song has been around since what, httt days? and all we have heard from it are the opening chords. we have seen the lyrics, but that is about it. i'm wondering if this is one of those songs that we will not hear for years down the road. it seems like what the band does is for the most part, they play new songs a couple of times on the road to get the feel of them live, and then those songs seem to end up on the next release or what have you. (i know there are exceptions, i am just generalizing). besides the present tense, this is definitely the song i am most excited about hearing, especially with the strings thom has mentioned before. what are you guys thoughts about its release, whenever that may be?
  10. http://www.schonmusic.com/multimedia/articles/MediumImage/14_md.jpg
  11. maybe stanley will put together all of these pictures of people with their newspapers and make one of those collages that make up a whole picture, which will be used for the cover of their next ep which will have burn the witch and the present tense on it!!! or not...
  12. they almost have to break up these songs because an album with the present tense AND burn the witch with any of these others would be too much to handle. heads would explode.
  13. i still have not heard burn the witch, except for the snippets on citizen insane and that chord progression sounds eerie but it is beautiful. i looked around and could not find anything on it. has it been sound checked or anything? i have heard the title mentioned for years but never any music or anything.
  14. my biggest disappointment for sure is this song being left off. tkol definitely grew on me, but this was the song i was most looking forward to. this and super collider were the only songs played by thom and/or the band, correct? the other ones (skirting on the surface, open the flood gates, the daily mail, etc) were only played at thom's solo shows? this has been discussed i think, but maybe thom is saving those for afp? i should probably start a new thread for this...
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