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  1. Of the album tracks I think Feral, Lotus Flower and Separator will definitely be in there. The Daily Mail too. Magpie in its original acoustic version would be fantastic and I also would like to see The Butcher too as its a brilliant song and one of my favourites, but I doubt it somehow....
  2. I was lucky enough to get to all 3 shows and my opinion as to which was the best keeps changing all the time - but that's Radiohead for you, every show is different and has a different vibe. All 3 were absolutely magnificent though in there own way. It's just impossible to choose one. Certainly Ful Stop and Feral in Manchester were superb. I thought both The National Anthem and Myxomatosis were as good as I've ever heard them too. How To Disappear Completely - one of my very favourite Radiohead songs, was just heart-meltingly fabulous! You could hear a pin drop during that: how many bands can silence a 20,000 capacity arena like that? It was mesmerizing. O2 I had absolutely sublime versions of Spinning Plates and Climbing Up The Walls and 15 Step (previously a song I could take or leave, frankly) was amazing. Great to hear Identikit live for the first time as well. It was also nice to get Twisted Words for a second show running. Another of my favourites and a very under-appreciated song I've always thought. O2 I also had I Might Be Wrong and Planet Telex, which I'm finally starting to love the new live version of... The second O2 gig had a beautiful Street Spirit as well as a storming Bodysnatchers and AMAZING Give Up The Ghost. All of the King Of Limbs tracks sound very different and utterly wonderful live. I doubt if I will ever again listen to the album versions of Lotus Flower, Feral or GUTG again - live they are bloody fantastic!
  3. I once managed to twist a work colleague's arm to go and see Radiohead in 2003 (Nottingham Arena), and he was suitably impressed. Ever since then he has liked them but is by no means a "fan" as it were. Apart from him I honestly can't think of anyone I know who likes them, in fact the musical tastes of my family, collegues and acquantances is generally so shallow that most of them haven't even HEARD of Radiohead. Staggering but true. My partner tolerates my obsession but doesn't "get" their music at all either (she has seen them three times, bless her), despite my repeated attempts over a long period of time to show her the light...
  4. I see they have played Ful Stop again in Amsterdam - it will be interesting to see if they "tweak" it still further from the Manchester version. Personally I hope not...
  5. The version of Ful Stop played in Manchester was superb - they have tidied up the ending nicely but it hasn't lost any of its power a la Tinley Park. Really foreboding and ominous - loved it. That's the one to hold out for. The O2 Night 1 performance of Identikit sounded great to me too. I would argue that these are the definitive versions until the actual recordings surface...
  6. I shouldn't worry, they are clearly on fire at the moment and whatever they decide to play it will be a special night - again. Looking forward to the return of Identikit and hopfully Spinning Plates, Talk Show Host and Street Spirit... See you there - its gonna be amazing!
  7. Totally disagree regarding Twisted Words - it was really good in my opinion... Its not the easiest of songs to pull off live and its unrealistic to expect it to sound like the recorded version as its quite complex with lots of subtle nuances to it. Some songs have to be quite loose when you transfer them into the live setting and this is one of them. For me though this song is all about the vibe it creates and in that respect they were bang on and essentially nailed it.
  8. Yeah, mesmerizing - that's the word. To have that many people spellbound is incredible. I agree it was one of those nights that just felt special, even by Radiohead standards. My partner couldn't understand why so many people weren't dancing at first but as I tried to explain at the time, they were listening! Personally I was totally enraptured from the first note - totally lost in it. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that setlist doesn't understand where radiohead are in their career at all. They are still developing and their new material is just as strong as the old, its just very different. The KOL tracks work superbly. Yes they have a big and impressive back catalogue but they certainly don't need to rely on it all to remain as awesome or relevant as ever. They made that very clear a long time ago. ER really needs to get up-to-date with the newer stuff because you are really, REALLY misssing out! I hope there is a recording of it somewhere that can at least do it some justice. It sounds corny but I felt privelaged to be there, it was one of those very rare gigs that I will take to the grave with me. Wonderful.
  9. Worth waiting 4 years for! FANTASTIC show in every respect – the sound, the lightshow (you HAVE to see it live to appreciate it properly) and the performance all 10/10. All the band were clearly very up for it and seemed glad to be home. Thom was very bubbly – never seen him so animated. The setlist was just superb – I was praying for Twisted Words and Ful Stop and got both. The other song I was desperate to hear was HTDC and it was just heart-melting - stunning... Idioteque - which was a third (yes, THIRD) encore, sounded the best I've heard it for years. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish! They have a lot to live up to for the London shows.
  10. Not a stupid question at all - I've been loads of times and I've never heard of it! The arena has 3 entrances, Hunts Bank, Trinity Way and City Room... I believe that the City Room is somewhere in the entrance area directly above the Victoria train station. You go into the station and just follow the signs - the entrance is up the stairs. Its impossible to miss it to be honest. With regard to ID, I am taking my confirmation e-mail and driving licence. Is that all I need to get in? Surely that is enough isn't it?
  11. They will come on stage at 9pm prompt and play for approx 2hrs. Allowing for encore breaks and maybe (if I'm right) a few "extras" I think the lights will be back on around 11.30-ish If Thom is in a good mood we might (hopefully!) be in for some late nights! Fingers crossed...
  12. If you want to be on the barrier I would strongly suggest you get your wristband as soon as the City Room opens at 12pm then get straight into the WASTE queue. That might seem very early and its a very long wait but its the only way you will have any chance. I'm standing at the O2 on Monday and will be doing just that. If you don't there is no chance whatsoever I'm afraid - trust me on this. You might be able to get near the front if you go a bit later but you won't have a snowball-in-hell's chance of getting on the barrier...
  13. I think there are a good few underrated songs that don't get the appreciation / love they deserve, but if I had to choose one I'd say Dollars & Cents, closely followed by Climbing Up The Walls. Both are examples of utter genius (not a word I use often) in my opinion, but both are the kind of song that polarize opinion - they tend to be loved or absolutely hated, mainly the latter in the case of non-fans who just don't "get" them. Some people just don't know what they are missing!
  14. After the setlists in Berlin I'm feeling much more confident that we will get a good mix. Ful Stop would be amazing - brilliant song. I really want Talk Show Host too, and the return of Identikit. With it being their first date in the UK and it being Thom's birthday on Sunday pretty much anything could happen!
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