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  1. i think i should be next in line for modship. i would tear shit up.
  2. oh boy, i knew that would come off as an inuendo. damn you bop it! you win again.
  3. yeah will, you should come visit me. i could show you corn fields and other inspirational things.
  4. foppe do me please. if you draw a grape i will kill you
  5. hey will man. sorry for the non-reply on msn last night.... and yeah, i've been there man. it's not fun. i made a few songs really early this summer and didn't really do shit again until last night when i picked up my guitar. i've found that i record my best stuff when i try not to force it. i'm sure you've heard this before, but it's the best advice i can offer. just try not to think about it. go out and do shit, and you're creative juices will just start flowing out of the blue.
  6. where's teh link? in the "third and final album" thread? edit: or is there a newer album?
  7. thanks man. listening to your myspace shiz right now.....
  8. shameless bump? pretty pathetic i haven't worked on anything since these few songs....feeling really motivated now though.
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