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  1. Agree with you both, 10 songs and 40-50 mins is about right for a Radiohead album. Kid A, Amnesiac and In Rainbows are just about perfect in that regard. I also think HTTT was too long and TKOL too short. But I had to choose I'd rather have no filler on the album and more B-sides instead.
  2. This is coming straight from him and Nigel's AMA (ask me anything thread) on Reddit: Forum member: Thom's response: If I understand him correctly, in September the recording of a new album may be well underway already. Pretty exciting news.
  3. Confirmed by Colin to South-African newspaper. Rolling Stones-story: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/radiohead-to-start-working-on-new-album-in-september-20130213
  4. FAVORITES You Planet Telex Airbag Kid A Pyramid Song There There Wierd Fishes / Arpeggi Bloom
  5. TKOL, including The Butcher/Supercollider and Daily Mail/Staircase. Love all of it. But those are official releases. I find it harder to decide what versions to check out from the new stuff, so that's why I'm asking for advice.
  6. Thanks, that's incredibly helpful. But I want to listen to the best recordings of these songs, so I'm asking for advice. I know how to download songs.
  7. Have been off the Radiohead bandwagon and now suddenly I discover that there's a bunch of new songs! I want to experience them in the best fashion possible, so what are considered the ultimate versions to listen to? Are there any MP3s available or is it all youtube-links? Thanks!
  8. To me it seems like the band often chooses the opener slot for their "unique" songs, often with a sound that stands out from the rest of the album or that is different from their discography altogether. Consider Airbag, 15 Step and Bloom. These have a sound that really stand out on their respective albums. What's interessting is that they all have a pretty big emphasis on the drum section as the driving force behind their unique sound.
  9. Just heard these songs. Identikit wouldn't be out of place as an opener. Very 15 Step-like intro and build-up, a somewhat different sound for them, which we know RH likes to kickstart their albums with (airbag/bloom), and plenty of energy. Excellent song. Cut a Hole is pretty but has the typical RH chord progression they've done a few times before IMO. Guessing this one will be a B-side.
  10. Yeah, I had no idea what to say about The Bends. Hey, it's a nice album!
  11. I'll go first and show what I mean. For example, I think Pablo Honey is the worst RH album, but for entirely different reasons -- I can't think of any way to improve the flow of the album, which I think is perfectly fine. I just find most of the songs cheesy. HTTT is a much better album, with some of RH's best moments, but I think it jumps too much for its own good, with its rock song -> electronica -> piano ballad -> electronica -> rock song like structure. It feels like an album that tries to be varied in a slightly forced way, and I'd like a more natural progression from start to end. This would probably involve losing a few tracks, which I'd be perfectly okay with. TKOL has pretty damn strong song selection, and they are structured beautifully. Wouldn't change a thing, though it's definately short as a whole. Kid A is one of those albums where the songflow is so awesome it arguably contributes more to the album experience than the individual songs themselves. The best flowing RH album IMO. Amnesiac has a more contrasty and experimental flow than Kid A, that still works well and feels whole. But I always thought Morning Bell/Amnesac is sandwiched in a wierd spot, and I tend to skip it. I have only one problem with In Rainbows: It's too mellow in the middle between Wierd Fishes and Jigsaw, and could use one more upbeat song thrown in. Of course, all the material on this album is absolutely stellar in its own right. OKC is perfect for me until the very end; I think Lucky and The Tourist are somewhat similiar and drags the album's energy too much down before it ends. Yes, I am probably alone in thinking this, and no, I have no idea how to fix that, except removing The Tourist, which is actually not a bad choice since Lucky is a better song anyway and the album is somewhat long.
  12. Can't beat OKC's incredible opening, and it just goes on with SHA and Exit Music as well. Kid A a close second I actually think TKOL is up there. Bloom is, well, Bloom, and Magpie is a lot better than people give it credit for.
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