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  1. When was Jonny really born, in '71 or '72? There are equally many sources that claim two different years.
  2. Haha,good choices! Now, here is who they would be in LOTR: Thom-Frodo (he just has to be,right?) Jonny-Aragorn Ed-Legolas (or Treebeard perhaps?) Colin-Pippin Phil-Gandalf (simply because he's the oldest)
  3. Another nickname for Ed could be "Monolith" because he's so tall and rarely shows any emotions in his face. Tall, silent and stony-faced.
  4. Here are my nicknames for each Radiohead member. With highest regards to everyone. Thom Thumb Boneface Treepot Curly (kinda obvious,but that's the best I could find on Colin) Baldy (sincere appologies Phil!) Once again, no pun intended and no harm meant. It is just my humorous view on those guys, who I love.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm back! At least for a while. I was looking through a page about KID A and found something interesting there. It stood that "Treefingers" was made on guitar! And not just that, but Ed wrote it! I never could have guessed that this was actually sounds from guitar, could you?
  6. I know that feeling There, one can't really enjoy it, but it still is a great song.
  7. After listening to this song again today, I realized that it is among the best Radiohead songs. I had always found it interesting, but too violent and dark. That may be true, but musically it is stronger than Subterranean Homesick Alien, Lucky or Electioneering. And No Surprises. I find them all overrated, specially No Surprises and Lucky. Anyway, this song has something in it that reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins, specially their ADORE/MACHINA era. I like that gloomy sound and angst and paranoia filled lyrics.
  8. I've been trying to figure out what that strange voice in title track of KID A says. All I could decypher was something concerning devil and children falling out, which is pretty extreme-sounding. Anyone got a transcript of the lyrics?
  9. The Tourist is my fav song too!
  10. Great song, beautiful melody. Of course, Ed wrote it!:S
  11. You forgot Jay Z, Korn and Limp Bizkit.
  12. Compare it with the rest of the album and you'll see why. There just isn't a lot going on in it.
  13. A mistake...ignore this post.
  14. Of course he is! Here is my coolest RH list: 1.Ed 2.Jonny 3.Colin 4.Thom 5.Phil
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