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  1. No, Ed O'Brien. This is, possibly.
  2. Hey Guys! I found this amazing early clip of Ed and Thom, in the early years. You don't have to thank me now. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Apropos.
  3. I knew that draw some of your curly-cues. LoL Oh and btw, have fun with your Pharaoh Overlords. I was thinking of starting a band called the Power Riffs where we spend an inordinate amount of time pretending to be Black Sabbath, without vocals, and wail away on our incoherent and bear-growl guitar riffs for 50 minutes at a time because we sound just like a heavy metal band. In fact, our first album will be named 'Fuzzed Out Incoherent Guitar Growl' with the aptly named single 'Garage'. We're badasses in the garage.
  4. I don't know what precendent has been made here regarding dreams, but I wanted to post this as I thought it was pretty weird and perhaps a few, or more than a few of you will be able to help me decipher the not too obvious symbolic meaning in this recent dream I had. Now, this perhaps will sound a little gay upon completion, but when has that stopped anyone really? I had this strange dream and I'd like to think of it as a real celebrity meeting and whether it is real or not, bollocks. Anyhow, this dream started in a dark room of some subterranean night-club in some unspecified city (perhaps London) where there were a bunch of real exotic looking, and somewhat sleep-deprived night-owls out to take in a little live music. The color scheme was rich in blues and magenta, and the stage was mere feet from a small live television studio-like benches in which the audience could see the performers. Coldplay was performing what I believe was Paradise, and we sat watching what felt like an impromptu set. The girl behind me made some kind of complaint or started to talk loudly, and I turned to tell her to shut up, and we had a few minutes of arguing, which brought everyone's attention to us. The band stopped playing and Chris Martin came up from the stage and walked up several rows to our seats and shook my hand and hers. I remember seeing him clearly, and his face had a look of concern and I was somewhat touched that he had took the time to make sure we weren't arguing anymore (or perhaps he was tired of the distraction). He then returned to the stage and someone handed him a few objet's dart and preceding to return to us to hand them off. To my surprise they were ceramic sculptures of what looked like an avocado and a lemon. The avocado he handed to me (which was in the odd state of being sliced, yet a solid object) and he handed her the lemon. He returned to the stage and the band then left. I turned to look at the girl, all the while admiring my gift, and noticed that she was gone! I suddenly had in my hand both the lemon and the avocado (slices)and began to examine both of them, and it appeared that the avocado was growing something like roots out of it from the bottom, and creepers were crawling around the top. Well, I set them down in front of me, and turn to look where the girl went off to, when, to my surprise, I see Jonny Greenwood walking up the bleachers to take a seat next to me! A new band was beginning to play, who, as it were, all had grey hoodies on (I remember some of them playing around a bloke on a piano, somewhat like RH, but they all looked like viking with hoodies on) as did, of course, Jonny. We sat watching the new band perform for a bit and me and Jonny started to talk a little and I remember telling him the story of the girl I had just argued with and saying, "you know right, BLOODY HELL!" and he turned to me and said, "Please, keep it down, don't speak so loudly." I was a little miffed and thought, what is going on tonight? Then, and this is the gay part as promised, Jonny became, how shall I say, a little amorous with me, in a way I wont reveal but let's just say it was quite a surprise to me. He started to walk away and led me to a bathroom located off the main room, and we took one look around and both agreed that the place was filthy! The bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned, and there was a peculiar stench as well. I turned to Jonny and he was already walking away to the exit, which was open to the street outside (set in a gloomy sort of bluish haze). We were still looking at each other as he was backpedaling away outside, when a man in a black jacket approached him from his left and pointed to something up the street, and he was off. Well, that's the dream as I remember it, but it really doesn't make any sense, but I feel like I've met Jonny (and perhaps Chris) and I haven't a fucking clue what any of it means. Thanks for reading!
  5. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! :-)
  6. I just like this video, and wanted to share it. Enjoy!
  7. Was just listening to some duty-free P.A. appropriated classical....and overheard Liszt's 'Auf Dem Wasser Au Singen', as played by Jorge Bolet. Sounds just like the opening of Bloom on TKOL. This might've or mightn't been noticed here or elsewhere.....but here it is. Thoughts?
  8. I think the fairest Heiress monkey wheel will have a good chance at eating a lot of steak this summer. A different perspective would be harmful to all military situations in Alpha Centuri, but if you act now, you'll get a second set of percussion waves absolutely eaten. Tread lightly in the narrow fields of succor, of dreamt cinnabar memories of treasures felt docile at the Skywalker Ranch. Maybe chancy, but hey, does this feel like a fucking episode of Aunt Jemima Pancake Circus? Yaphet Kotto believes us, and that's really all that matters.
  9. they got missile armor, corral your daughter, pop-locks from Minnesota, diamond sorties, missionary orgies, flying Oakies, Pyrrenes tyrranies, enter escalated nightmares with toothbrush defense mechanisms in crutches, pushing buttons to the unlucky muttons, wave your stuffing, get this thing started, Michael farted, slobbered on your voter's bottom, piranhas in pajamas in Bahamas pinatas, you are not us, bought trust, dollars, hollas, making money like making bread, sensei said to dread the fead dead wed of cred on shred meds face on keds ted's read his leads in sheds on stairs in wears, soothsayers and mayors, gubbers, turbo furbo rubio, zero nero Dinero. That's what annoys me about Radiohead
  10. Lemme eatcha dough-hole love
  11. 1. I Am Citizen Insane 2. Meeting in the Aisles 3. Codex 4. Lift 5. Nice Dream 6. The Gloaming 7. Follow Me Around 8. Stop Whispering 9. Faust Arp 10. Like Spinning Plates 11. Down Is the New Up 12. Kinetic 13. Love Lozenge 14. No Surprises 15. Harry Patch
  12. Well, click on the link as educed by underline. This action is not proscribed.
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