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  1. A message from Green Plastic creator Jonathan:

    I rarely check site visits and logs so I have no idea if anyone still visits this site. For those of you reading this, you may have noticed I have changed the look. I wish I could say that this was done out of some motivation to get things going again, but truth be told, the WordPress theme I was using no longer worked. So, I switched to the default theme*.

    A screenshot from 2000
    A screenshot from 2000

    This site had a good run from 1997 to around 2012/13 when life got a bit too hectic for me. With the rise of social media and sites like Reddit, who foster communities and fans much better than I ever did, it felt like this site no longer served a purpose. So I stopped updating and it’s been sitting frozen ever since.

    Radiohead links
    My old links page. Where did everyone go?

    I periodically would think about updating, especially when Radiohead would release an album. The OK Computer mini disc hack earlier this year sent me into a spiral of nostalgia. I started this site in the months prior to OK Computer’s release and can still remember the excitement and build up. I even had thoughts of bringing the site back in some new form, but just as before, life got in the way.

    Circa 2000 screenshot
    Screenshot of an early page with Real Audio (!) downloads. Screen resolutions weren’t very big back then, kids.

    So, as we begin a new decade, I wanted to start thinking about a new way of pumping some life back into this dormant place. I’m not interested in trying be a source for the latest Radiohead news. There are plenty of other places for that. But I would like to find some way to honor the history of this site while still being an active member and contributor to the Radiohead community.

    If you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. Please feel free to leave them in the comments.

    News page from 1998. Yikes.

    Thank you to everyone that has ever visited this site.

    *In updating the theme to a “modern” one, there are pages that are broken. Please bear with me as I attempt to fix. 



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  2. 9 hours ago, sleepy jack said:

    so what's up with the login situation?

    if an old member wants to login, will their password work? is that a work in progress? is it ok to PM you with a new email address to reset their password? just in case anybody asks...

    as a 14 year member i definitely miss this group of people and this familiar place when it's gone. so thanks for keeping it alive.

    would MT be a part of the sale if you sold the GP domain? or are they going to be separate? (just curious, not making an offer.) 


    All passwords should be the same as you had them. If you can't remember it, you can reset it by using the email that is tied to your account. If for some reason you do not have access to that email (or can't remember it), please feel free to PM me or email (jonathan@greenplastic.com) and I can help. There is an issue with Yahoo email addresses at the moment in that they are not receiving emails from MT. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. 

    I am entertaining selling the greenplastic.com domain but not the site or content (including MT). MT will for now on be at this URL (mortigitempo.com). :)



  3. On 7/6/2019 at 11:50 PM, Skuj said:

    I might get banned for this, but here goes:

    What has changed since the demise of the old site?

    Are we all going to be here for about 5 days, and then come back for about 10 days around LP10?

    Will the spambots win again?

    Is Jonathan "present"?

    You can't blame me for being skeptical.

    Totally fair to ask these questions. There's no real reason as to why I brought MT back. I guess it's because it's been a part of my life for the past 20 years. It felt weird not having it around. 

    I have no expectation that people will visit or stick around. I realize there's plenty of other places you can spend your time (reddit, discord, slack groups, etc...). There's a lot of history within the topics here and for some reason, I didn't like that I just erased it. So, at the very least, I wanted to bring MT back purely for the historical snapshot of what useless things people were talking about from 2004 on. 

    The only things that have changed are the server and software. Both were ancient and prone to spamming and attacks. The whole server was taken over by hackers in January which is why I shut it down. After moving to a new server and updating the forum software to be from this decade, I'm optimistic that the spam problems won't be as bad. 

    I'm "present" in the sense that i check the site daily. I don't post much, never have. And I realize that things got really bad here the last few years. Life is crazy with 2 children under 4 years old so I do have bigger priorities. Hope this makes sense...



    A Moon Shaped Pool

    The new Radiohead album, titled A Moon Shaped Pool, is now available to purchase online. You can go to www.amoonshapedpool.com to purchase directly from the band. It is available digitally, CD (shipping in June), vinyl (shipping in June), and special edition, which includes:

    • Case bound album, inspired by the albums for 78rpm shellac records in the library of La Fabrique, France
    • 32 pages of artwork
    • The 11 track album on two heavyweight 12″ vinyl records
    • Two compact discs: one with the album and one with two extra tracks
    • Recording tape belly band applied *
    • 320kbit MP3 or 16-bit WAV of the 11 track album available to download now

    Alternatively, you can purchase the album through a variety of different services here.

    The track-list is as follows:

    5. FUL STOP

    What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.


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    After an Instagram tease this morning, Radiohead released a new music video for a song called “Daydreaming” moments ago. The video was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and features Thom Yorke wandering around, entering and exiting different environments through doors.

    It was also announced that the still unnamed new album, their 9th, will be released on May 8th at 7 PM BST digitally.

    Here is the music video for “Daydreaming”:

    You may also purchase the single here or here.

    More info to come…


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    It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

    After “deleting their entire presence” off of the internet yesterday, Radiohead released two teaser video on their Instagram earlier today. This all led up to a full-length music video for a new song called “Burn the Witch”, directed by Chris Hopewell, who also directed the “There There” video back in the day.

    Without further delay, here is the video for “Burn the Witch”:

    Stanley Donwood posted some behind-the-scenes photos as well:

    A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on

    A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on

    A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on


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    GP 8/2000

    Screen capture of Green Plastic from August, 2000. This is the actual size, designed for 640×480 screen resolutions. Crazy.

    Hi everyone. As you can see, this site has not been updated since July of 2012 and you may have been wondering if it was ever going to be updated again. At this point in time, after 16 years (!) of running this site, I haven’t had the time or resources to give it the love it deserves.

    The world has changed a lot since I first started this site. Back in 1997, there was no social networking, no Twitter or Facebook. The “fansite” was really the only way for fans to get the information they wanted about their favorite bands. Today, people can get push notifications and immediate aggregated updates on anything they want from all sorts of sources. This leaves a site like greenplastic.com a little less useful, especially when it’s not updated as frequently.

    Green Plastic is not going anywhere and the site will remain online for a long time to come and I do hope to be able to return to posting regularly. In the meantime, you can visit our still active message board to interact with other fans.

    I appreciate all the love and support over the years.

    We’ll talk soon,


    PS. Check out Thom’s Dazed and Confused mix!


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  8. yeah what the hell?


    i'd say we should just blow up the damn ship, but i guess there's no reason to think we wouldn't have these problems on a different system. or maybe there is, either way it's bad, i don't know internets


    Holy Shit. Took me forever to figure this out. I updated the forum software yesterday and the quote CSS stuff got all messed up. Looks like it's fixed but I'll want to pretty it up a bit. At least now you can tell what is a quote and what isn't. phew.

  9. hey all. there have been some crazy server issues the past few weeks. It all started with a hack from some turkish kid that defaced the entire server. Once that was resolved, there were lingering issues. Some of you (especially the mods) where getting "driver error" messages which prevented you to login in. I've implemented some fixes and continue to monitor.


    yesterday we had another hack which used the server to send out thousands of spam emails. that's just now been resolved (i think) and this is what caused the server slowness today and yesterday.


    good times!


    I'll continue to monitor everything and fingers crossed everything is all sorted out.


    Radiohead pays tribute to Scott Johnson

    Radiohead pays tribute to Scott Johnson. Photo by @fittr_happier.

    Radiohead returned to the stage last night for the first time since the tragic death of drum tech, Scott Johnson. If you’ll recall, Johnson was killed during a stage collapse last month in Toronto which forced the band to delay the tour.

    The band did not disappoint last night at Les Arena in Nimes, France, starting off the set with “Lucky”, something they hadn’t done since 1998. Another huge highlight was the live premiere of “Treefingers”, the instrumental track from Kid A. Here’s a video:

    For the third encore, Thom Yorke thanked the crew and dedicated “Reckoner” to Johnson, whose picture was displayed behind the band during the performance.

    The full setlist is below. The band return to Les Arena tonight for their second show.

    01 Lucky
    02 Bloom
    03 Morning Mr. Magpie
    04 15 Step
    05 There There
    06 Staircase
    07 The Gloaming
    08 Separator
    09 I Might Be Wrong
    10 Pyramid Song
    11 Nude
    12 Identikit
    13 Lotus Flower
    14 Feral
    15 Little By Little
    16 Paranoid Android

    17 Treefingers
    18 Give Up the Ghost
    19 Videotape
    20 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

    2nd Encore:
    21 Full Stop
    22 Everything In Its Right Place
    23 Idioteque

    3rd Encore:
    24 Reckoner



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    Jack White. Photo by Jo McCaughey

    Jack White. Photo by Jo McCaughey

    Last month during their Bonnaroo performance, Thom Yorke dropped a hint that suggested that the band were doing something with Jack White at his Third Man Records studio in Nashville. Today we get confirmation from White saying that the band have been recording at his studio, but insists that he is not part of the sessions. “I don’t know how much to tell about it,” he told BBC 6 Music. “I didn’t play with them or produce but they came in and recorded at Third Man. I don’t know what else to be said about that, so that’s all I can probably say.”

    What does this all mean? Is Radiohead recording a new album? Maybe just an EP? If Jack White isn’t involved, is it safe to assume the band is working with longtime producer Nigel Godrich? These are questions we hope to have answers to very soon. Stay tuned…



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