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  1. Was a great Hopus Chopus!

  2. Amazing night last night. Congrats to Carey Head and Jill Seagrave!

  3. R.I.P. Steve Jobs. So sad.

  4. Oh L train, how quickly you remind me it's Monday.

  5. Bloomberg's Spanglish is amazing.

  6. Awesome time at the cottage upstate. It was great but I'm excited about taking a shower that isn't using lake water.

  7. I know what not to do when it comes to replacing a water pump nozzle in a lake.

  8. Well, that was an interesting weekend. Kidney Stones are not fun.

  9. Na na na na na na na na na na na na

  10. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes

  11. ok have him try again. his ip he was using was caught flagged as spam in our system which prevented him to post. should be resolved now.

  12. Checking it out right now. strange

  13. Reserve your connect.me username http://cxt.me/uKCnOw #connectme

  14. Does anyone remember that news program they had in schools in the morning called Channel One? Is that still around? Remember when Anderson Cooper was on it? Remember the kid in your class that had the watch that was also a remote control that would cause havoc with the TV set in the classroom?

  15. These past few weeks paid off with a great project coming together today. Not sure if I want to hear a mountain man shout any time soon, though.

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