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  1. that is such a nice thing to do! i'd love to have a copy too. my name: pennstyrne thank you for this!
  2. A REMINDER. beautiful exhausted song
  3. no it's a moog synthetizer. The "Ondes Martenot" are way bigger and old.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F66fbCM2RFU&feature=related they were still trying to write proper songs in those days. not dancing-jungle-ambient shit...
  5. maybe that has something to do with the newspaper they will release in May: maybe the 625 or something pictures they 're talking about will have something to do with these photos they're taken right now.
  6. haha the band sounds incredible, that's true, but no one asks what ed is doing! as ususal we don't know...some space echo here... doubling a guitar part composed by johnny there...come on he is completely out of it. i like him but he's been the useless one for a decade now...
  7. http://www.20minutes.fr/diaporama/384-23-0-0-Reperes-Le-fil-des-people-sur-le-vif.php beautiful pair of snow boots
  8. well the problem is that no one here knows anything about van gogh, you american idiots. you don't even know where europe is...
  9. yes! i play in syd matters. i'm glad you liked it!
  10. yes i'm still in shock. I've been a huge fan of radiohead for 15 years now...I went to see a band called Here We Go Magic on friday night in Paris, and he was there too...i took a deep breath and I said hi. He is extremely kind and friendly, we talked a bit because my band opened for Charlotte Gainsbourg the night before and he was there since he worked on her first album. AND I said to him: "well i have to ask you something...Is the new album ready??" He laughed and said that Ed always do that kind of annoucement too early...apparently they worked a lot lately, and they're quite happy with the songs, but Nigel said that the record probably won't be out this year, though they'd like to. According to him it will be 2011. But everything's possible cause he said that everyone in the band would love to put it out as soon as possible. i thought you 'd be happy to know that.
  11. yeah i agree, it's definitely an artistic choice. but i think most of in rainbows songs are produced this way too. listen to weird fishes drum, jigsaw, videotape...some reverbs now and then, but it sounds globally like live recordings. actually i'm not sure i like it. sometimes i think you hear the studio too much. it's too clean for me.
  12. what is this shit? forties crisis. music by dads. for dads.
  13. i think i hate you, american idiots.
  14. "phil & colin together = phil collins all alone wow
  15. just watched scotch thing webcast on youtube. phil looks very tense and it's painful to see him play. though he keeps the tempo, he's suffering. i didn't notice that before the in rainbows era. I think he's getting old, and the up tempo songs are difficult for him to play. in the scotch myst webcast, they're using a drum machine on jigsaw...tired, phil?
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