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  1. My long, lengthy impression of The King of Limbs: It seems Radiohead’s eighth borrows elements from previous works– the abstract electronic found in Kid A, the funky beats from Amnesiac, and the beauty from In Rainbows. It’s also influenced by Thom’s solo stuff. Though it is Radiohead’s shortest album, The King of Limbs is frantic, dense, harrowing, and beautiful; an overall great addition to their impressive discography. Bloom is an ethereal song with Yorke’s lyrics delaying out into space. “Open your mouth wide/A universal sigh.” The disjointed rhythm seems like it could never wo
  2. Yeah some of their choices are strange...808s & Heartbreak? Seriously? I am happy to see LCD Soundsystem placed high.
  3. We Suck Young Blood is okay. It's probably my least favorite song on the album. To me it feels like a decent idea stretched out for too long. The crazy breakdown in the middle of the song is funny though. Though Go to Sleep is grood and Where I End and You Begin is most excellent
  4. Hurm...I write whenever I am inebriated off of cannabis, and Radiohead is usually playing in the background, prompting me to write about them. Hmm...haha: "41. My fucking head is on a trip. There are two colors in my head. I am quoting a Radiohead song called “Everything in its right place.” It is tripping out my mind like no other. The lyrics are filling up my cranium with absorbing juices. I am completely enveloped by its dense layered sound. Wow. A. Wow..." Fuck, now I'm really tempted to get up, up, and away and play an album straight through, writin
  5. I think "Scatterbrain" is best enjoyed when playing Hail to the Thief through. It sits right between the intense "Myxomatosis" and dark the "A Wolf at the Door," so having a nice breezy intermission is appreciated.
  6. Agreed! "That you can't come back from..." Creepy shit, no doubt. Personally, I think Vegetable sucks. "I'm not a vegetable / I will not control myself" Meh.
  7. Hey everyone. For those that actually remember, I'm the guy that did "The Eraser" music video. But I decided that I might as well do something , so here it is: (Watch it in Hi-Def!) The Eraser music video, case you (probably) missed it:
  8. Though it's technically just , I've decided to post my music video for "The Eraser." I spent a long time on this; nearly everything was done by me, so don't expect the polish of a music video that actually has money put behind it. Nevertheless I am happy with the results. Hope you enjoy! I do intend to make an actual Radiohead music video within the next month or so.
  9. Agreeing with The Bends. In Rainbow I think is their best bet of blending their experimental nature with more conventional stuff which is why I didn't vote for it. The Bends just has some songs that by Radiohead's standards are too run of the mill.
  10. What a shitty list. They left out There There for fucks sake! I don't know any Radiohead fan that dislikes that song.
  11. Got a good pic at of this at my Camden show last year!
  12. In my opinion it is the weirdest Radiohead song ever recorded. It's just completely out there, especially with that jarring synthesized outtro.
  13. Happy to report that I have no other alias. Though I wouldn't necessarily call myself a regular *cries*
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