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  1. Was surprised to see there wasn't a topic to discuss this on moritigi tempo of all places. Which do you prefer? I was super excited to see it on the album but think I still prefer the original acoustic version. I find there's a bit of lack of forward momentum on the album version.
  2. Also, Thom and Elvis make a surprisingly attractive male.
  3. Also Thom Bush: and Thommy Blair: They don't have Clinton or McCain....
  4. Well, I stayed true to the pact made way back in the day and didn't listen to any of the bootlegs. I have to say, though, I'm a little disappointed. So far it's my least favourite Radiohead album, but perhaps it will grow on me. A bit too much synthesizer for me.... I was hoping Thom would have gotten that out of his system with "The Eraser"
  5. The version on My Iron Lung EP is a whole second longer than the version on The Bends. All you non-My Iron Lung EP owners are missing out on 1/277th (that's more than 0.36%!) of one of Radiohead's best songs.
  6. Good thing I didn't call it a solo either. I just said it was his best guitar work. Have you ever seen a video of them perform this live? He just goes ape-shit.
  7. The Bends no doubt. My Iron Lung basically showcases the best guitar work Johnny ever did.
  8. I flip flop on this issue, though I am more often in love with OCK. Only thing I can say is that the Bends is better than either, and that though I like SHA, I recognize it for the failed attempt at "Motorway to Roswell" that it is.
  9. I just really like Polyethylene, Pearly's right up there too.
  10. well, pyramid song resorts to nothing more than a hemiola rhythm, which is not original or new and has actually existed since classical times, so it doesn't really throw song structure out the window. That being said, the trick of having a 5/4 rhythm over a 4/4 rhythm isn't new either, so no points for originality there. Just because a band isn't playing in 4/4 doesn't mean they're doing something new.
  11. I'm a Bends man through and through, but, really, OK Computer is their worst album? I can't believe you'd put HTTT or Amnesiac even close to it.
  12. Clearly it's not all that obvious that they weren't going to be people's least favourite. FPT is the weakest track on the Bends I think. My Irong Lung should have been left off instead.
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