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  1. mozartian taoist humanism with pervasive kali loves krishna loves kali
  2. By golly, I think you've done it. Will you be my lover?
  3. Watching glastonbury 03 video: "Here, I'm alive. Everything all of the time". But is varies a little throughout. youtube might have it?
  4. It worked well, but it's already up at http://isohunt.com/download/17899799/radiohead+france - posted by someone else.
  5. This is on my local TV tonight http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide/abc2/200707/programs/ZY8462A001D9072007T213000.htm Technology going well, I'm going to capture it to mpeg4 and post it as a torrent. If it works well, I'll post a torrent link here.
  6. That's a bit lacking, aint it? Why not write about what Thom is saying, as you can best understand it? -- The Clock Time is running out for us But you just move the hands upon the clock You throw coins in the wishing well For us You just move your hands upon the wall It comes to you begging you to stop Wake up But you just move your hands upon the clock Throw coins in the wishing well For us You make believe that you are still in charge -- Seems to me: - People interact and relate to their governments in a set and designed way. - What moves be
  7. Both songs are epiphianic (new word, write it down). They swim around the root of being, goddamn it! Don't u see?
  8. why why do you like Radiohead why do you like Radiohead why do you be still for a sec radiohead are inside you what is that to you? a paragraph, a few sentences wrap it all up and type it out why is stupid, but try if your ego wants to type, don't type try again tmrw and remember, no one cares but you but, your passion is why this place exists so go on type up your why your words why do you like radiohead?
  9. This tab of Sail to the Moon is completely beautiful and not so difficult, on acoustic guitar. It's played slowly too, which means you have time to move your fingers into place. Go To Sleep is great too. Google go to sleep radiohead guitar tab, you can't not find it. These are all (the posted suggestions) great things to practice on. Depends where you're at though. The most important thing is to not lose heart if any of them flummox you. Go more simple, strumming and chords. Just practice practice practise, moving those fingers around and with rhythm. [/url]Guitar tab understanding - s
  10. I recently read The Music and Art of Radiohead. It's a collection of academic essays ~ written by people who study/work in art and/or music at university and have an personal interest in Radiohead. It's not biographical. The essays centre on Radiohead's output (incl. Stanley); where it possibly came from, influences, head-space etc. It's quite dense and you might say full of mind wanderings; going up interesting paths and off on tangents you probably wouldn't have thought of. The writers have a personal understanding of Radiohead, like any fan, and they write about it in often complex
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