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  1. I'm still buzzing from the concert, checking back everyday! Still waiting for a video on youtube for Everything in its right place, was jokingly hoping for something like the version from I Might Be Wrong and it happened! Looking for a decent video for Feral too, the lighting for the whole show was amazing but that one really stood out to me. Anybody else get scared when the whole place starting vibrating from that bass?! Also, what was playing at the very end, when everyone was leaving?
  2. Awesome night and felt like a very special performance! Even got a new song I'm incredibly lucky to have seen this, thanks to a special someone!
  3. I wonder if they'll let is slide about both ID's. Lots of tickets sold on ebay from lots of last minute drop outs.
  4. Pod Not new, but I never introduced myself and I'm just using this post as an excuse to express my love
  5. Still only the O2 and no Manchester on ticket master, am I missing something...?
  6. Only showing the O2 ones on TicketMaster? Also I'm kinda glad about the high price it will hopefully weed out the knobs.
  7. Pod

    Tour dates announced

    Oh that's good. Also just read about how they're doing that Ticket Trust for the UK tours although they're not announced yet! Back to checking every 8 hours
  8. Pod

    Tour dates announced

    Still nothing for the UK? I'm worried now.
  9. Glad I went on my own because I could fully immerse myself in the music rather than natter and what not with friends. Best time of my life! I'd take a magazine or something though, if you fail to mingle with people (I did terribly heh) it's pretty boring waiting around doing nothing for hours. What do you mean, more?
  10. That's the point of this thread.. I have a reason but it'd be kind of silly now. Cheers FictionalCharacter
  11. Hey, Just wondering what it is officially. I keep hearing "alive", but it makes more sense being "allowed" seeming as it's followed by "Everything all of the time", but Radioheads lyrics never make much sense so... Anyway I'm asking because I want to get a tattoo of those words. On Green plastic it says "allowed" and that's the most official thing I've seen. Thanks!
  12. Says the guy who keeps using overused chan references.
  13. I tried a search but couldn't find. Does anyone have a good Optimistic tab? Thing is, I'm looking for the one where it's played as the D chord, like this: -55-77-222222-11-33-222222- -66-88-333333-11-44-333333- -55-77-222222-22-33-222222- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- First tab I've wrote, sorry if it's crap. But yeah, I can't find that tab anywhere, and I'm fairly new at guitar so looking for it to be simple which is why I like this one. Help much appreciated.
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