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  1. mindwater is back and there is a new soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/mindwater this will be the mindwater thread from now on. -roger
  2. 2.3 seconds or 4.7 seconds, i can't remember which
  3. im sure that sounds great, i love F chords and Am and C and Em and long drawn out vowels and all that.
  4. yes those dinos are in a crazy jam session
  5. https://soundcloud.com/groups/ya this group is for anyone and everyone who wants in. soundcloud is easy, and this is an easy way to have a bunch of easily accessible songs available for streaming. our little community here could use a little strengthening, and i think this is a good way to get everyone listening to each other's stuff and giving feedback and whatnot. thank you have a nice day.
  6. coool i just looked at the group and your song isn't there yet. i guess they take a little while to appear, cause i just put one of my tracks up and it's not there yet either.
  7. well i started it! here it is: https://soundcloud.com/groups/ya join if you want! there are no songs uploaded yet.
  8. what im sayin is that someone should make it.
  9. there IS a group function on soundvloud and its easy to make a new one, but the only internet i have now is my phone and the mobile site doesn't have the create group button.
  10. we have soundcloud. we can make our own group there and have songs streaming, with the newest ones on top of the list, and links to a bunch of our other songs.
  11. that's like saying a country at war will be more unified and productive. sort of true, but there are other ways to achieve these goals that have more long term results. it seems like YA always dies hard after the battles
  12. some people might think listening to your own recordings would cause you to be less absorbed, actually. in being in the present moment and all that.
  13. we don't need competition let's all just hug ok
  14. playing songs is almost always better, but not always possible
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