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  1. ticketmaster says friday http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/00004458EE15A286?artistid=1415949&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60 waste says saturday http://thomyorketickets.waste.uk.com/Store/DisplayItems-2-0-0.html wtf anyone know whats up ??
  2. sorry to bring this here but anyone here a moderator, or know a moderator on there ? i have tried like a half dozen times to join that message board and i never get activated.. i clicked on cocntact a moderator and no adress pops up in the email window... any suggestions welcome.. thnx
  3. http://www.expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/43847 oops
  4. URL="http://www.expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/43847"]http://www.expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/43847[/url] poster trading site. they had been selling for about 30$ 2 years ago.. so id say its worth 30-50$ ..
  5. i have a pair of tix for aug 23 in prague and it kills me but i cannot attend. they were 60 euros (about 85$) id take 60 bucks each for them. i live in manhattan and can mail them. its in the front general admission area- great seats. im really bummed i cant go. email me at cpuma1@nyc.rr.com
  6. i agree the old live version of videotape was better than what made it onto ir.
  7. does anyone on this site remember an article either on mortigi tempo, or green plastic, that describes the process of how radiohead make an album. I don't really remember the specifics but it was from someone in the band explaining how they are all equal parts, they basically each go off on thier own and create music and then will come together and try and create a song and lyrics based on each members individual parts. It was something like this, but I may be mistaken, so was hoping to find the original article if anyone knew what i was walking about off the top of thier head. Thanks.
  8. planet telex was one of my 2008 tour favorites for sure- those rainbow lights left such an impression
  9. do i listen to creep at home? not really. have i heard it live? twice. and it WAS cool and special. face it - it drives the crowd nuts. It reminds you of, what was it?, 1992, when you first heard that song. And you know you loved it back then. It introduced you to the band. And then you got to know all the amazing, much better music that followed. I have no problem with creep if hey want to break it out once every 15 shows. When I heard it live (oxford and msg) it was pretty cool. Rather not end the show w/ it tho.... I had tix to go to mexico city but it was a bit ambitious on my end. Im really happy for all those people who really did wait 15 years- sounds like you had an amazing experience that you'll remember forever.....
  10. youre right about the context, i was just annoyed that they used rh in the show.
  11. i thought it was awful. i love radiohead, and i like entourage a little bit. i still watch it but it has gone way down hill. not sure even why i still watch it. and its very cheesy macho televesion, it just seemed like the most un radiohead situation. all these hollywood jerkoffs piling onto thier private jets with models/hookers, high fiving and using these cheesy lines, etc and you hear fpt on i was very annoyed, just seemed inapropriate. they coulda used anyone else and i wouldnt have cared, anyone- maybe some john mayer? fall out boy? blink 182? buckcherry? i dunno any of those bands that fits that type of show.. i guess someone told marky mark that radiohead was "cool" and so he said let me look at the greatest hits of them put some of that on the show..
  12. its a great song from the early 90's. i liked it when i first heard it and it made me know who radioheaad was. theyve gotten better every album since then, but that song introduced me to them, so im still nostalgic for it. unfortunatley it got pounded on the readio and became a nuisance, but then i heard the bends as thought to myself, this album rules, this band is amazing, this is a bit different from creep. i probably didnt listen to it for years beacuse thier other music was better, so there was no need. but i was happy hearing it live, it brought back good memories. now ill listen every now and again.. maybe number 20 on my list... anysong heard on the radio 10,000 times loses its luster
  13. the gloaming i always new but skipped over to get to there there, i had no opinion of the song whatsoever, was just a skipper. seeing it live has totally changed this. it is on of my favorite live songs. the way they are playing it this tour, and those green lights. wow. exit music really didnt get the respect it deserved from me 12 years ago. man that sounds wierd. 12 years?! wtf.
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