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  1. WTF? No posts yet? I consider myself mostly retired from here, because....well....Lenny/Till/Whateverthefuck.....but I still lurk when EVENTS happen. But I'm the first to post about Ed's new music? Kill me now. Edit: Sorry I was rather cranky when I wrote this. Too much CNN/Trumpism. I apologize.
  2. Great!!?? It was because of him that I departed the "new" Atease.
  3. I'll come back to music posting only if/when Lenny! is gone.
  4. Actually, I don't know if I ever listed my 10 in this thread. It changes hourly. This hour I'll go with: 1. Swans - Soundtrack For The Blind. 2. Merzbow - Akasha Gulva. 3. Coltrane - Ascension. 4. Love - Forever Changes. 5. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks. 6. Beatles - White Album. 7. Bach - just about any of the 222 CDs in the Bach 333 box. 8. Richard Dawson - Peasant. 9. Any CD in the Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Solti) set. 10. Fuck, I dunno....Jandek? Grateful Dead? ELO? Tool? Drumm? Acid Mothers? Brian Wilson - Smile? This is hard, ok? It's impossible. These 10 are on my mind presently.
  5. But Tool fans are tools? I could have a field day with this!!
  6. See 2019 Other Music for my response.
  7. Skuj

    2019 Other Music

    The new Tool song is fucking wonderful, ok?
  8. I often wonder about how one's age and circumstances play a role in hating/loving an album/film/book at release time. I adore AMSP. To my ears, it is the richest, most mature, most honest RH album, and when it came out I was a 54 year old motherfucker whose bullshit tolerance had gone down to zero. AMSP is the RH I play the most in these later days. OKC/Kid A etc are brilliant in their own way, but AMSP speaks most honestly and plainly to me now.
  9. Skuj

    2019 Other Music

    New Gizz in a few days, new Tool soon, new Wilco in Oct, new Swans before Xmas......FUCK I love my life.
  10. Well, it's Dead, innit? Anyone care for a spin of AMSP?
  11. Fuckin'.....I like the new song. And an 85min / 7 track album makes me happy. :)
  12. Well, let's put it this way: I'm very excited for LP10 because...well....AMSP.
  13. Y'all seem to be droning on as if AMSP was fuckin' Be Here Now or something. AMSP is fucking great, ok? Play it now. What other clues exist that RH is in steep decline? Did I miss something? Is Thom's new one terrible? LP10 will be made, and it will be monumental. Bitches.
  14. Oh no. Tool is now "Dad Rock". They are a hard band to get into. I may have mentioned that my first run-through of the 4 albums left me cold. But I tried again and something began to click, especially with the later releases. The later the better imho. 10,000 Days seems to get less love than it should. All 4 of the main albums are huge motherfuckers.....that doesn't help with digestion. Your stepdad and 57 year old me will help you on your way!! :)
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