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  1. That's....um.....fascinating. I did find this: http://www.noise11.com/news/radiohead-are-planning-a-kid-a-20th-anniversary-release-20200416
  2. It's just around the corner. Where's the fucking anniversary edition then?
  3. WTF? No posts yet? I consider myself mostly retired from here, because....well....Lenny/Till/Whateverthefuck.....but I still lurk when EVENTS happen. But I'm the first to post about Ed's new music? Kill me now. Edit: Sorry I was rather cranky when I wrote this. Too much CNN/Trumpism. I apologize.
  4. I often wonder about how one's age and circumstances play a role in hating/loving an album/film/book at release time. I adore AMSP. To my ears, it is the richest, most mature, most honest RH album, and when it came out I was a 54 year old motherfucker whose bullshit tolerance had gone down to zero. AMSP is the RH I play the most in these later days. OKC/Kid A etc are brilliant in their own way, but AMSP speaks most honestly and plainly to me now.
  5. Well, it's Dead, innit? Anyone care for a spin of AMSP?
  6. Well, let's put it this way: I'm very excited for LP10 because...well....AMSP.
  7. Y'all seem to be droning on as if AMSP was fuckin' Be Here Now or something. AMSP is fucking great, ok? Play it now. What other clues exist that RH is in steep decline? Did I miss something? Is Thom's new one terrible? LP10 will be made, and it will be monumental. Bitches.
  8. Yeah, I'm amazed at how many people abandoned this wonderful forum like thing for other (inferior) platforms. I still don't know wtf reddit or slack is. And I will never join twitter, because....well.....fuck you Trump. Lengthy (relatively speaking) discourse is old school.
  9. I miss the good old days when message boards were the shit. Twitter now rules with its 280 characters. Attention spans have decreased. Slack is (was?) sexy. Come on, Bitches. Make Message Boards Great Again!!! You know.....paragraphs, conversations, reviews, reactions, prose, poetry, articles, etc. Yes we can.
  10. Wow, thanks Jonathan. Really appreciate this. 2 kids under 4, YIKES!!! I understand!!! :)
  11. Well, that was Mortigi Tempo then.
  12. Radiohead remind me of Mitch McConnel: They do not care what you think. There will be an LP10. Radiohead have given every indication that they will at least reach LP10. Thom's latest, and Johnny's latest, leave me very excited for LP10. Clearly these guys are on the top of their games. (Um.....Ed......it's MF 2019. Hello?) I think LP10 will be gloriously fucked up. I love AMSP. I have not tired of it. They will take elements of AMSP and contort/twist. And they won't give a fuck what we think. I love bands that behave that way. I can't wait. Early 2021 is my call. They are still waiting for Ed.
  13. I might get banned for this, but here goes: What has changed since the demise of the old site? Are we all going to be here for about 5 days, and then come back for about 10 days around LP10? Will the spambots win again? Is Jonathan "present"? You can't blame me for being skeptical.
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