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  1. Skuj

    Ode to Joy

    Yes!! I fuckin' adore this band. Star Wars and Schmilco deserve more love.
  2. Skuj

    2019 Other Music

    Yeah, Fishies is my favourite one. There's some really great songwriting on that. It took me a while to consume the 5 albums from 2017. Not all of them are uniformly excellent of course, but with Gizz, even their bad albums are interesting. I love their energy and ambition, and I can't wait to see what the 2020s bring.
  3. Wow, thanks Jonathan. Really appreciate this. 2 kids under 4, YIKES!!! I understand!!! :)
  4. Well, that was Mortigi Tempo then.
  5. Radiohead remind me of Mitch McConnel: They do not care what you think. There will be an LP10. Radiohead have given every indication that they will at least reach LP10. Thom's latest, and Johnny's latest, leave me very excited for LP10. Clearly these guys are on the top of their games. (Um.....Ed......it's MF 2019. Hello?) I think LP10 will be gloriously fucked up. I love AMSP. I have not tired of it. They will take elements of AMSP and contort/twist. And they won't give a fuck what we think. I love bands that behave that way. I can't wait. Early 2021 is my call. They are still waiting for Ed.
  6. Dead Of Night (1945). "Just room inside for one more, Sir!"
  7. I might get banned for this, but here goes: What has changed since the demise of the old site? Are we all going to be here for about 5 days, and then come back for about 10 days around LP10? Will the spambots win again? Is Jonathan "present"? You can't blame me for being skeptical.
  8. Skuj

    2019 Other Music

    I love King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard's April release called Fishing For Fishies. Maybe the stupid-ass sounding names/titles turn people off, but that would be a shame, because it is a damn fine album. I have all Gizz albums. These guys are are exciting. A new one is due in August, called Infest The Rat's Nest, and it will thrash.
  9. Oh look, I'm still a "Former Member". :)
  10. (I'm currently listening to CD68 of Mozart 225, Bitches.)
  11. Fuckin, Ill Wind is streaming, innit? (Funny how "Ill" is.....er....well...... "III" when you capitalize the I but not the l.)
  12. Beethoven 250 in 2020. Amirite?
  13. Wait.....what? If you are trolling, 10/10. If not.....this is a film, and Johnny did the soundtrack. Therefore I can post about these aspects in separate threads.
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