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  1. Fuck that shit!!! (I see that we are talking about My Arse more than this new album at this forum. It sucks. It really does.)
  2. I'm chatting my arse off about this on OTHER MUSIC FORUMS!!! Sad, really. But, it is what it is.
  3. Wow. I keep getting new awards for posting to myself. Today = a "dedication badge". Maybe I'm completely wrong in my post above. Thom now/recently speaks of new music on the way. The Smile might be much more than a one-off.
  4. Yeah, I agree. Maybe ALFAA kickstarts RH, rather than delaying further. ALFAA screams "kickstart" to my ears.
  5. Yeah. This! (Maybe we call it LP 9.5?) 😃
  6. 🤣 ONE PAGE!! Anyway, it's very hard for me to not consider this a follow-up to AMSP, even though 3 members were sipping tea somewhere. I note that (from page 1!!) some feel this is stripped back / pared down from regular old RH. I dunno. I love how no song overstays it's welcome, to my ears. (I'm looking at you, Sit Down Stand Up.) There's a lot of variety in this release. Thom sounds re-invigorated. AMSP sounded like Abbey Road to me...The End. I hope this diversion kicks RH into gear again, rather than setting them back even longer.
  7. Yeah. I saw page 1. 🤣
  8. Fuck, lol. I'm practically the only person posting here, right after the release of this album? Farewell, MT. We had some good times.
  9. I now work at a record store. (Yes, I do!) We decided not to order this album because it is as expensive as fuck. I dunno....maybe that's just the distributers we deal with. Any comments from anyone regarding costs of this particular physical product?
  10. In fact, listening to the album, and watching some live videos, I can't help wondering if Thom's voice sounds even better than ever before. How the fuck did he do that?
  11. Anyway, the more I listen to this, the more I love it. Goddammit Thom sounds amazing - he's 54, right? And here we are, 30ish years after RH's first releases, and this work is still compelling. I hate to admit this - I had no clue that Thom/Jonny did this until I visited this nearly dead forum. And I consider myself to be "up" on music releases. (Sheesh, it's part of my fucking job!) 😄 Is this album more Thom than Jonny or vice versa? I am having immense fun trying to decide this. For me, this is upper third RH. I know it is not technically RH, but Mick and Keith are not technically the Stones, and yet, here we are!! 🤣
  12. Yes, that was a lame excuse. I am sorry for being a fucking dick. (We cool, bro?)
  13. Aw jeez. 😆 OK, I'm sorry Dude. Clearly I was bored.
  14. I don't mean to quibble, but exceeded=good, innit? Now, if it had "failed to reach your expectations".....
  15. Oh. There's a thread for this. 😀 I really enjoy this album.
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