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  1. you can tell that bouncer sitting there is thinking, 'i'd take neil young any day over this shit'
  2. I think Codex is Open The Floodgates rewritten actually, some similar lyrics.
  3. tbh, I think it may be a similar one to TLW, might just be perfect solo acoustic.
  4. So did Steven Malkmus and Matthew Bellamy actually ask those questions or was it just some trolls? Ha.
  5. yeah I agree. TKOL has that 'woodsy', earthy feel and even the electronic elements are very organic sounding, unlike say 'Idioteque', in which is purposefully mechanical and jarring. Texture, ambience and rhythm take precedence whilst IR was all about the SONG
  6. don't get me wrong, i love TKOL, its just not a very emotionally engaging album, more like a beautifully cold sculpture I think. While IR has a warmth to it.
  7. yeah, I remember joining this board just after it came out and it was very busy in those days, I used to be glued to the screen, it was amazing finding other like minded individuals, all in raptures over this one little thing. seems pretty quiet now, obviously TKOL hasn't connected in the same way.
  8. you were probably listening to In Rainbows. I used to skip school in the mornings and sit on the rainy cathedral steps and listen to it on my headphones, wrapped up in it's warmth amidst all the desolation. IN MY OPINION, MAYBE the best album of all time. Perhaps.
  9. Poly II sucks but pt I is beautiful only to be ruined by his horribly arrogant count in when it ends
  10. Ponyboy, I did architecture too, you're really good.
  11. Help please! A friend of mine is acting really strange and walking up walls. Her head has been spinning a lot and she's been screaming radiohead lyrics. please help.
  12. i love the kings of leon! TKOL 4 LYF <3
  13. Heyyyyyyyy, I'm Simon. 21 years old from a lil town in Ireland called Cobh. LOVE alternative music and Radiohead. TOM YORK IS MY HERO <3 Anyone want to chat more just send me a mail :)
  14. It's official Radiohead have entered their disco phase.
  15. inloveinloveinloveinloveinloveonloveinlove so fucking beautiful i love you all
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