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  1. I love it prob more than anyone.. but HTTT was recorded in like 2 weeks... On the other hand its songs are kick Ace live!
  2. So I am entusiastic following a award season that was pretty much a bust. Now I know what youre saying they dont care about awards, which i think is bolex. Anywho heres my thought I think this drives the fellas to come in and make the best album since Kid A. And losing best live band to Oasis.... well lets just say that this album will translate alittle better to the stage than In Rainbows (which I think is slightly below Kid A).. hope Im right.
  3. Im totaly going to kill myself here... but i walked into a barns and nobles in tulsa oklahoma one time and a girl told me garth brooks played a 5 song set in the little coffee area.. I hate country music but would have been pretty cool i guess....... In no way does this represent my complete sadness for your misfortune! Next time be early!!!!lol
  4. He reminded me of evil spiderman on Spidy 3.... Ps. both shows sucked... SHould have played videotape or Weird fishes.
  5. What the hell.. a marching band.. you couldnt even hear them playing.. a serious diservice.
  6. and driving a Toyota Prius... how terribly sensible
  7. dude i hate to ask... but wheres street spirit? and yes i voted sulk
  8. Wow you can read off of song meaning.com too! Pretty wild stuff eh! nudge nudge wink wink
  9. Loder: Is "Morning Bell" about a breakup or a divorce? Yorke: Not really, no. That [one's] actually quite weird. When we came off of "OK Computer," I bought this house, this empty house, and it had a ghost in it. Loder: Pardon? Yorke: It had a ghost in it. Loder: What sort of ghost? Yorke: Well, quite friendly, but a ghost. Loder: How did you know it was there? Yorke: You just knew. You didn't say it, but you knew. So I filled up a whole MiniDisc of stuff, of songs and half-formed ramblings or whatever. Then there was a lightning strike and it wiped it all [out]. I was really upset, 'cause there was some really good stuff on it. But that was the general vibe of the house at the time, so I didn't think any of it. Then I forgot it, and six months later, I was in an airplane coming back from Japan or something and I didn't sleep at all. I hadn't slept for ages and ages. Suddenly, I was lying there, and I'd forgotten all the stuff from the MiniDisc, and "Morning Bell" just came back to me, exactly as I had written it, with all the words and everything. It sounds like it's about a breakup, but it's really not. It's about being in this house. So there you go. You know, things are never that direct with me, unfortunately. [RealVideo] Loder: Do you still have the house? Do you still have the ghost? Yorke: No, he's gone now. He was trapped in the plaster, and we got rid of the plaster. Loder: Like a carpentry exorcism sort of thing? Yorke: I hate to say it, but yeah. And I really didn't want to do it, but it kind of sorted things out for me a bit in my head. Sorry i just think this is thoms way of having a smart as$ awnser... theres no way thats not about a split up
  10. Id put my money on treefingers........
  11. If you said youd listend to pablo honey that many times... now that would impress.
  12. anyone else think its crazy johnny boy would say the gloaming would be the fat... considering they play it at concerts like all the time. ps.. sail to the moon is gorgeous.. the most pink floyd of any radiohead song in my opinion.
  13. I once heard thom say something to the effect that they realized at one point it was a mistake to toss all the material they did into HTTT. So that got this bloke a thinking. Which songs would have been taken out for the best album? So I pose the question to you all.. which for songs do you cut... We suck young blood.. b side material in my opinion. Drunken punchup........ great song but once again b side I will........................... I love this song personaly, but its at its best acoustic with thom scatterbrain................. Probably the least likely to get cut just from the fact ya probably need a slower song in there somewhere.
  14. Isnt buying a plunger the worst possible thing you can buy in a walmart....maybe a enima? but its up there... think about it... if you stroll up to the register with a plunger.. there is a emergency somewhere in the world.
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