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  1. I don't know anything about it but I'd sure like to hear it
  2. A girl I was into when I was a sophomore in high school let me borrow kid a because she said she loved it. I listened once and didn't know what the hell I was hearing. Then about a year later, my best friend and songwriting partner who I've been playing music with for 13 years now, played me You and Whose Army in his car, specifically to say listen to how f*cking awesome this piano sounds when it comes in. Followed by I Might Be Wrong and Spinning Plates live and I was hooked, got Amnesiac immediately and wore it out. Kid A clicked after a few more listens. The rest is history.
  3. Okay I've interpreted the background vocals in identikit. It's "moon shaped pool, a moon shaped poo is lovely, now I know I'm never gonna leave, woah me." Nailed it.
  4. Does anyone have any idea what the new lyrics are in identikit, the lines that start with "moon shaped pool" ? At first it was foreign to me for the song but now I can't get it out of my head I love it. Moon shaped pool, nahnahpoo to love me, now nananah never gonna leaaaveeeee, mmmmhmmmm. I have no idea what it is.
  5. Oh don't get me wrong I agree that the treatment it received on the album is great for the tone of that song. It's literally that one line he sings that always seemed like the climax of the song for me when he belted that line and then ended it in the higher register falsetto, and I'm so used to hearing the song that way because I've had the latitude version on my iPod for what, 7 years. Now it seems like that climax is gone or at least substantially toned down which I suppose could be the vibe they were going for, I just miss it. But I do love the arrangement on the album regardless
  6. Present tense has been one of my favorite songs thom has ever performed since the first time I heard it in 09. Im having trouble getting accustomed to the album version but I am liking it more and more every time I listen. I feel like I'm never going to get used to not hearing him say "stop from falling down in my eyes no ones business but mine" the way he did it on the latitude festival video. for some reason my brain thinks if I keep listening to the album over and over that eventually he's going to do it that way lol
  7. I love desert island it's one of my favorite vocal takes he's ever done it's just so...soothing. Among all the radiohead tracks it wins the soothing award in my humble opinion
  8. There are periods of time that I would put Amnesiac above Kid A. They are just about equals to me. Call me crazy
  9. Really? Man oh man from the first time I heard that song done acoustic at the Latitude festival it's been one of my favorites he's ever written, it totally blew me away. I'm still trying to get used to the arrangement on the studio version, but nonetheless the song itself is incredible.
  10. honestly one of the first things i thought of when TLW waits started was this board, and how i come here and talk to you guys about every new album and i always see that lyric right on the front page. and it hit me in the feels.
  11. Can I also say that dammit, I wish Thom would have sung that line "Stop from falling down in my eyes, no ones business but mine" the way he did in the Latitude 09 video. Every time I hear it I want to hear that, it's so much more powerful imo. Shame.
  12. that's actually what I thought was going to happen...but I think it does work as the first song, anywhere else would have been strange.
  13. I don't get all the hype for Ful Stop...I think it's my least favorite song on the album. It's an interesting listen...maybe it needs to grow on me. Highlights for me are Decks Dark, Desert Island, The Numbers, and TTSSRMPMBMT. Present Tense and Identikit I've loved for so long already, I think they need some more digesting before I can give an opinion about their final forms. The choir thing doesn't bother me at all though, first listen I thought it was cool. I wasn't crazy about Burn the Witch as far as hinting at what the album is going to sound like, but I have to say now that I hear it in context I dig it for the opener. I'm not entirely in love with the treatment of True Love Waits, yet, but nonetheless when it came on I was hit emotionally by the song itself and the legacy of it, it is indeed beautiful. That's my statement. Thank you.
  14. I think depending on the day I've probably preferred it that way. Maybe even right now...I think they are on par with each other actually. Yeah. That's fair.
  15. I think TKOL has a unique vibe as a cohesive album, in a way that HTTT doesn't. HTTT has some amazing songs, and if it was cut down to 8-10 songs it maybe could have been a better "album" than TKOL. But I'm in the camp saying that as it stands, it is certainly not.
  16. I wonder if we are going to get an orchestral heavy album. And maybe bring a string section on the tour? That would be wonderful
  17. Well I did in fact get tickets like a normal person. On Friday, the minute they went on sale. I was pretty surprised and figured I got lucky, but I'm recently realizing just how lucky. They are playing NYC on my little brothers birthday though and I am taking him it'll be his first time seeing them. So at least two real fans did get tickets the normal way, if it makes anyone less outraged.
  18. That's interesting. I think it's the epitome of that kind of album. Especially with a lot of the bass and percussion. I was many listens in when I finally figured out where the beat really is in Bloom, or to make sense of the timing in Little by Little. I am a drummer though so I guess I'm constantly trying to do that math in my head so things like that keep revealing new things every time I listen.
  19. I would have preferred he do creep just to see him try to hit the high notes. He was amazing in six feet under. Enjoyed dexter too. Except the last season, I've blocked that out of my memory.
  20. I think as a fan, at the time I definitely would have said it would be improved by including Staircase, The Butcher etc. Especially the Daily Mail because I was itching for the studio release of that song ever since that very first grainy video back in the day. But realistically, the atmosphere the whole thing creates would have been very different if not presented just the way it is. It leaves you wanting more but that's not always a bad thing. It sounds to me like it could have been a direct follow up to Amnesiac as it's the first album since then that has a very specific, unique, twisted, dark, and brilliant mood. Lots of people say HTTT just sounds like a collection of songs rather than a cohesive album...I would say In Rainbows is the same really, yet it remains my favorite still because it's a collection of mind blowing beautiful songs. Kid A, Amnesiac, and TKOL have some sort of complete atmosphere that is their own and each song fits into it perfectly. I guess my point is...I love TKOL. I might even like it more than Kid A. Crazy? Maybe.
  21. Hmm. Not terrible for hanging out and jamming with your friends but a tribute show? I don't know...kind of bland in my opinion.
  22. Louis CK talked about this and how he wanted to cut out ticketmaster and to do so he had to find venues that would agree not to use them which wasn't easy. But if you want to play Madison Square Garden, I don't think you have a choice really. The only thing the band could do is seek out venues that are willing to turn their backs on ticketmaster. It's an option, maybe since it's getting so bad they will actually start doing that.
  23. Yeah when I saw the chart I was like well either I'm right in the center, or there's a rotating stage, or I'm directly behind the stage. Relieved it's the first one. Rotating stage would be kind of absurdly entertaining though. And Thom flying above the crowd in a harness.
  24. You're talking about the view from 223 is hindered a bit? I got 211
  25. Section 211 MSG on Tuesday! I can't believe I actually got them. It is a good day.
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