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  1. Pretty sure the video's from 2011. Remember back when TKOL was released and they said that one lucky person who ordered the digital release would get a limited signed 12" ? Well that was it. Give up the Ghost backed with the Thom Yorke remix of Give up the Ghost, with a hand-printed sleeve by Donwood. Which also explains this.
  2. Yeah my recording interface bit the dust and I haven't secured another yet.
  3. Wow, never noticed the similarities between these two songs until just now.
  4. I just can't deal with Thom's clean, dry guitar on the part that's so distorted and dissonant on the album. Sigh.
  5. Hahaha, damn, all of the things you're selling are things I have. Bah.
  6. Both Jigsaw and LBL are top-tier RH, in my opinion.
  7. That is a huge bummer to hear, my friend. When was this? An indie having that much control just seems so wrong in this day and age.
  8. Agreed on Fog. So good. I vote Staircase, Colin is KILLING it in that.
  9. In all honesty, I have never met a band on a label who got there by submitting a demo. Especially these days, the labels you're most likely to get noticed by and signed to are small indie labels that mainly stick to putting out stuff from people they know personally. The best way to get on a label and get someone to put your shit out is just to CONSTANTLY play and make connections. Cold-calling labels with demos is a severely outdated process, and is maybe even detrimental to you when all things are considered. Just speaking from my own experiences, all of the labels and other opportun
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