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  1. i think he left it to interpret the way you wanted to...who can't relate to those lyrics?
  2. radiohead isn't the only group of people that put sounds together and make it sound cool I suggest starting here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music
  3. I was kinda like this for a while, you just have to really stick to some new types of music. I still come back to radiohead and it blows me away but the reason why I was so obsessed with them was cuz I acquired a taste for them and they're brilliant. There are other ppl that are brilliant you probably just need to acquire a taste for them. Try Microcastle Deerhunter that one got me off Radiohead for a solid month haha
  4. maybe not so much 9/11 but kid a just describes a tragic event the direct 9/11 connections with the lyrics and stuff are pretty irrelevant
  5. Thats arguable, if by musical talent you include creativity, pure skill, ability to attract mainstream listeners, songwriting, and complexity in their music well Radiohead is definately up there I think.
  6. its on youtube if you just wanna watch it http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hQkycJ5HdHQ part 1 search for the rest
  7. 807 RH 27 Thom 13 Jonny 2 Phil 3 Colin 1 Ed I talked to someone with 2000+ but maybe im gullible
  8. Well I kinda disagree...music is music and I like how Thom uses his voice as a musical device to help push towards an emotion but he also pours out a lot of himself into his lyrics...they mean something and to ignore them isn't exactly bad...but its a WEE BIT ignorant I think. you're gonna have to choose which lyrics mean the most to you and take meaning from them...they aren't meant to brainwash you and make someone think a specific way they are there to make you enjoy the music more and maybe take it a little beyond the music by making you think.
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