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    Give it Up? (NEVER! free till!)
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    colin frees the mexican muleTILL LP!
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    till's new solo proyjekt?


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  1. now they're playing with themselves but why would you care? when other bands are far... FAR LESS BITTER!
  2. i am... a serious mang! brilliant!
  3. not that one! this was YEARS before then!
  4. i'm pretty sure they already have enough money!
  5. i feel like UP partially inspired the KID A game change! blame it on the stipe / the rain! he'll take the!
  6. okay as in the high road / low road ... huggable dust? last album 2008 it's been damn 10 years what the fuck! FUCK YOU MARTY! martin! you FUCKINNNNNNNNNNNNNN muppit!
  7. oh you made a song, did you? YOU FOKKIN MOPPIT!
  8. more of the same! they don't got any more new / good songs left in them!
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